PMEA Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment and Retention (TTRR)

The Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) State Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention (Council TTRR) is comprised of representation from PMEA higher education members and leadership from HS Future Music Educators Honors Symposium, PCMEA, mentors, Society for Music Teacher Education, TRI-M, retired members, and the PA Department of Education Fine Arts Education Consultant. With a focus on “the life cycle of a music educator,” it serves as an advisory committee for other PMEA councils as it seeks and proposes programs or resources for the career development of pre-college, pre-service, first-year through veteran, and retired PA music teachers.

The Council TTRR three subcommittees announced the following Focus Areas and Goals for 2017-2021:

  • Training of pre-college, pre-service, in-service, and retired members in career development to support professionalism, career exploration, growth and change, and personal goal setting.
  • Recruitment of quality and engaged candidates to college music education programs.
  • Retention and engagement of urban, rural, minority, disadvantaged, and more diverse music teachers and students in the profession.

TTRR Advisors

Feel free to contact these volunteer specialists for inquiries or additional information:

“New Realities in Teacher Training” SEADAE, PAEA, and PSBA Conference Handout (2018)

Superintendent Survey


The following resources are provided for students (and their teachers) to assist in the pre-college training and preparation of potential future music education majors.

Catalog of supplemental materials for music teacher training, recruitment, and retention:

Links to TTRR Resources