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Modern Band is a school-based music program that utilizes popular/commercial music as its central canon.  Modern Band teaches students to perform the music they are familiar with as well as teach composition and improvisation skills.  Styles that are studied include by not limited to; rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, rhythm & blues, electronic dance music, and other contemporary styles as they emerge. Modern Band also utilizes musical instruments that are common to these genres, such as: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, voice, technology, ukulele, etc.

  • Modern Band is Student-Centered
  • Modern Band Increases Access by Integrating Beginners More Easily
  • Modern Band Fosters Authorship
  • Modern Band Sustains Outside of School
  • Modern Band is Flexible and Regionally Adaptable
  • Modern Band Pedagogy is Designed for the Lay-Person

NAfME and PMEA have endorsed Modern Band pedagogy and student performance opportunities as an additional means to engage students in diverse and meaningful music-making experiences.  PMEA has additionally collaborated with Music Will (formerly known as Little Kids Rock) and the Pennsylvania Department Of Education to provide training in Modern Band pedagogy.

PMEA Modern Band Trainers are available to provide professional development to schools, school district music departments and staff.  If you are interested in having a PMEA Trained Presenter come to your school or would like to learn more about how Modern Band can be implemented in your music program, please contact the PMEA Office for more information.