PMEA Educational Entities Map

Welcome to the PMEA Educational Entities Map!

The PMEA Educational Entities Map is an interactive map made with Google Maps which allows anyone to search for available jobs in any geographic area within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You can sort by:

  • Public School Districts (Red)
  • Charter Schools (Blue)
  • Career and Technology Centers (Green)
  • Higher Education (Yellow)
  • Intermediate Units (Orange)

You can also use a specific PA County “Overlay” which will outline the counties (this is the default layout). You can also choose an outline of the PMEA District Map and PMEA Region Map. Once you click on the specific entry, you will be given the name, address, phone number, website, the employment website, and what county they reside in.

For maneuvering through the map, if you click on the top left corner next to the title, there is button that you can click that will open up a menu on the left side of your screen. From here, you will have the ability to filter through what you are specifically looking for. If you are looking for a job at a public school district, you can turn the other areas off. Once you click on an option and the information becomes available, next to the name of the entity there is an arrow you can click to remove the information from the screen. You can also do this by clicking on a new entity. The bottom right hand side of the screen can be used to zoom in and out of the map. If you are having issues seeing the map, you can also click at the top right to make a larger map available as well.

If you have any updates on information regarding any of the entities placed on this map, please email them to

Other job search resources and websites! 

  • PAEducator (
    • Some Districts solely use PAEducator for all of their hiring. You will need to create an online profile which will then allow you to apply for multiple districts and multiple positions with ease. You will also be able to sort your findings by geographic location and by degree certification.
  • PAREAP (
    • Like PAEducator, PAREAP is also an online resource that will be used by school districts to find staff. Fill out the required fields and you will be able to notify districts of your interest in any openings. You will also be able to sort by geographic location and by degree certification.
  • Teacher Catapult (
    • Teacher catapult is a wonderful resource for any educator! You can sort by keyword which could include words like “elementary”, “berks county”, or “music” for specific openings. By clicking on the opening, it will automatically redirect to the district’s specific employment webpage.
  • K-12 Job Spot (
    • Another teacher “search engine” that will allow you to search for position by keyword and location. Make sure to check the dates on the site as some of the positions may have been posted and never taken down.
  • Teaching in PA (
    • Teaching in PA is updated on a bi-weekly basis and you can search by discipline. It is free for a portion of the year, during “prime time” application season, there will be a fee to join.
  • Higher Ed Jobs (
    • For those of you looking into jobs in Higher Education. This is the site for you! You can sort by category, location, school, and by type of application.
  • Talent Ed – Recruit and Hire (Depends on the District)
    • Some Districts will use Talent Ed – Recruit and Hire for hiring. Another online system that will ask you to input all of your information before applying. It allows the employee to upload all pertinent information and will allow the District to directly communicate with the applicant by email and also by the online system. One of the interesting parts about this program is that it allows you to apply to multiple districts just by using your login username and password. You will be able to transfer data from another application. Be sure to double check your application once it has merged because some Districts may require some additional information!