Use this open data portal to view the state of arts education across the Commonwealth. This interactive dashboard shows users which schools provide access to arts education and in what disciplines (Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Media Arts), how many students are participating, how many arts teachers are providing instruction, who has access to arts instruction, and can be filtered by geographic location, demographic information, and date.

This dashboard is part of the national Arts Education Data Project.

Use these PPT files to help you navigate the dashboard. Each PPT file details tabs in the dashboard below.

Introduction and Table of Contents (PPT) AEDP Instructions and Info (PPT) Overview (PPT)
County-Level Arts (PPT) District-Level Arts (PPT) Arts Disciplines (PPT)
Trends Over Time (PPT) Course Finder (PPT) Disciplines Offered (PPT)
Comparisons (PPT) School Profile (PPT) No Arts (PPT)