Festival Repertoire Lists

PMEA Music Festival Repertoire Lists are all inclusive lists of all music performed at:

  • PMEA District Fests (Various)
  • PMEA District Festivals
  • PMEA Region Festivals
  • PMEA All-State Festivals

These lists include the Title of the selection performed, the Composer/Arranger of the title performed, and at which festival it was performed. Please use the tabs at the bottom of the excel sheets to maneuver back and forth between ensembles.

All of the Repertoire Lists are sorted alphabetically by year, then by title. You can custom sort the selections by title, composer/arranger, and festival. Click Sort and Filter in the top right of the excel sheet, Click Custom Sort, Click the drop down menu under the Column category, and choose how you want the document to be sorted.

If there are any updates or corrections to any of the lists, please contact Shanna Danielson at the PMEA State Office at [email protected] 

PMEA Music Repertoire List 2001-2010

MASTER Festival Repertoire List 2011-2017.xls– Updated 8/23/2017