Act 48 Information

PMEA is approved as an Act 48 provider by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). As a result of more stringent guidelines set by PDE, changes have been made. Questions? Contact PMEA Professional Development Council Chair Deb Chrisman.

2022 PMEA Annual In-Service Conference Attendees:

To receive Act 48 credit, go to the PMEA Conference App (Whova) and select a session you attended or access the survey online here. Once on the information page for that session, select the “Rate Survey” (or “Rate” in the mobile app) located below the title, date, time & location info. A completed form must be received for each session attended in order to receive credit.  **If you do not have a smartphone, please reach out to and request to have an account created (state that you do not have a smartphone to download the app)**

Each session for which a session feedback form is completed is worth 1 hour of credit and up to 2 hours of Act 48 credit can be given per day for performing group concert attendance. All general sessions attended are worth 1 hour of credit. We will also need one completed PDE Survey, which covers the entire event.

Both the session surveys and PDE survey must be completed by Monday, May 2. Thank you!


Participants looking to receive continuing education hours for attendance at a PMEA sponsored event (i.e. fest, festival, workshop) must sign in and confirm their PDE number at the event. Following the event, two surveys must be completed within two weeks of the event:

1) PDE Survey 

2) PMEA Survey for District/Region Events

(Only one PDE and one PMEA survey should be completed per participant so participants need to wait until the conclusion of the event to complete these forms. Please do not try to complete them immediately following one session if there are still professional development opportunities available as you will not be able to access the same form at a later time.)

Address Updates to PDE must be completed through TIMS.


Please see the PMEA Act 48 Procedures for Fest-Festival Hosts for complete details on how to apply for Act 48 hours for professional development offerings during your events. If requesting hours for guest conductor observation or a reading session, please complete the Guest Conductor/Reading Session Act 48 Form *It is imperative that you work with you district professional development representatives to make sure the process is properly completed.

Once hours have been approved to receive Act 48 hours, please use the following roster to keep track of those in attendance at the event – Act 48 Roster – for District & Region Events —email or mail the LEGIBLE roster to Kelly Gressley – 

*If an event is held virtually, a list of attendees/registrants should be sent to Kelly Gressley within one week following the event.



A completed Presenter Act 48 Form for District/Region Events is required in order for PMEA to see if Act 48 hours (continuing education hours) can be offered for your presentation.

**Fest, Festival, Workshop Clinicians must list the specific event, including the PMEA District/Region, for which you are presenting: i.e. District 6 Chorus, Region IV Band, etc.