PMEA All-State Information

2020 PMEA All-State Jazz and Vocal Jazz Information


2020 PMEA All-State Ensemble Audition Information

**At-Large audition applications are due at 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, February 26.


Tips for recordings in Submittable:

  • The maximum video size is 4GB – the larger the video, the longer it will take to load
  • Small rooms with good acoustic qualities will create the best recording
  • A good microphone and a good piece of recording equipment (high end computer or digital recording device) are the two things that can most improve a recording.


2020 PMEA All-State Harp Results

PMEA is pleased to announce Skyler Moon from North Catholic HS (PMEA District 5), David Emanuelson, director, as the 2020 PMEA All-State Orchestra harpist. Thank you to all students who applied.