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PMEA 2021 All-State Audition Information – Harp, Jazz, Vocal Jazz

Music Return and All-State Medals

PMEA continues to follow the guidelines sent by Governor Wolf as the PMEA State Office is located in a Red county and under stay at home guidelines until June 5. Directors should have been in contact with students regarding music return. Students may keep the PMEA All-State Folder but ALL MUSIC must be returned by June 30th to their designated location.

Region and All-State Ensemble medals will be distributed once the music folders have been returned with all music intact. Specific details will be shared ONLINE and via email to your Directors once they are available. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. 

*PMEA Region I, please return All-State chorus, jazz & vocal jazz music to: Stacy Paparone, 70 Village Park Drive, Grove City, PA  16127

2020 PMEA All-State Merchandise


PMEA Equalizer and NAfME Ensemble Information

PMEA All-State Equalizer Information

  • The window to submit an Equalizer has closed at this time.

2020 NAfME National Honor Ensembles

  • The window to audition has closed at this time.

2021 NAfME Eastern Division Honor Ensembles

  • Application information is not yet available for this event.  The 2021 NAfME Eastern Division Honor Ensembles will be held April 22-25, 2021, in Hartford, CT.


Tips for recordings in Submittable:

  • The maximum video size is 4GB – the larger the video, the longer it will take to load
  • Small rooms with good acoustic qualities will create the best recording
  • A good microphone and a good piece of recording equipment (high end computer or digital recording device) are the two things that can most improve a recording.