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PMEA values the vast wealth of experience and contributions of our retired members. The Retiree Resource Registry (R3) celebrates the unique gifts and professional achievements of our retired members while offering service to those who need assistance.

Retirees: If you are a retired member, and are willing to stay involved in PMEA and share your expertise, please fill out the questions on your PMEA User Profile at your earliest convenience.

You can view this PDF document for detailed instructions on how to update your profile.

Non-retirees: If you are an active PMEA member, officer, council representative, festival host, or workshop planner, retired members stand ready to help. Search the R3 to find highly motivated and very experienced (but FREE) consultants/advisers for your next PMEA or music education program/project.

Check out the blog-post “PMEA in Retirement: What’s in it for Me?” at
Planning to retire in the next few years? Be sure to check out these Soon-to-Retire Resources.
Past issues of the PMEA Retired Member Network eNEWS may be downloaded below.

Past Articles on Retirement

Are you soon-to-retire or recently retired? These may help!
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Mock Interview Volunteers

Besides the names listed above in the Retired Resource Registry, several other PMEA members have indicated they are interested and available to serve as “virtual employment screeners” for interview practice workshops of music education majors. Higher Education members or PCMEA chapter advisors should contact these people directly for their help in mock “question and answer” sessions to help prepare collegiates for marketing themselves during the coming job search process. (Please email Paul Fox if you would like your name and email added to this list.)

PMEA Compositions

Based on PMEA member submissions as of 8/8/18, the Catalog of PMEA Members’ Compositions is not comprehensive nor all-inclusive. Periodic updates will be posted. Corrections and additions should be emailed to the Retired Member Coordinator Paul Fox at
PMEA retired member and composer of the official “Pennsylvania March,” Ronald W. DeGrandis is sharing this MP3 file of his newly commissioned work. On Father’s Day, June 16, 2019, he conducted the Reading Pops Orchestra at the Reading Public Museum, the orchestra premiere of the “Pennsylvania March.”

Community Groups

Here are drafts of PA Community Chorus, Band, Orchestra, and Amateur Theater listings! Please send additions and corrections to
Additional articles and resources for retirees have been posted below and are available on the WordPress site of PMEA State Retired Members Coordinator Paul Fox (please share your comments): 

 Retiree Resources: