Fest & Festival Information

August 31, 2021

Lisa Hummel, Student Performance Events Council Chair

Welcome back! 

I do hope that this year finds you back in session and able to have in person instruction for your classes.  As COVID is still present within our Commonwealth, the scope and magnitude of the festival season this year will take on different looks and a different approach. Please note that these changes are only due to COVID safety concerns and PMEA certainly hopes that we can return to the standards listed in the policy manuals for Region and State Festivals after this school year.

I ask that you CLOSELY review these Updates so that you are prepared for the festival season as we will not be using the timeline to which we are accustomed for the Region and State Festivals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to the State PMEA office. Take care and best wishes for a safe and wonderful school year!


A Statement of Principles Governing Participation in PMEA Fests and Festivals

*Please note: PMEA directors sponsoring students in PMEA festivals and/or fests must be FULL ACTIVE members of PMEA.  Retired members are not eligible to sponsor students in festivals, fests, and/or adjudication (music performance assessment) activities.


PMEA Fest/Festival Documents