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In-Service Conference 2018

The PMEA Research Committee announces a call for research for presentation at the PMEA Annual In-Service Conference to be held in Lancaster, PA, April 18 – April 21, 2018. The PMEA Research Committee will blind review submission materials corresponding with the indicated option at time of submission:
  • Option 1, Poster Only
    • Abstracts of completed or in-progress research of any type (i.e., quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, philosophical, historical) for Poster Session presentation.
  • Option 2, Poster and Research Presentation
    • If an abstract is accepted for poster presentation, primary author may request its consideration also for paper presentation at one of two Research Forums.
  • Option 3, Poster and Research-to-Practice Workshop
    • If an abstract for a completed research project is accepted for poster presentation, a primary author may request review of additional workshop submission materials for consideration also for presentation during one of two Research-to-Practice Workshops. (Workshop presenters actively involve attendees in applications of the submitted research procedures, outcomes, and/or implications.)
For complete submission requirements, instructions and application CLICK HERE.


2018 Call for Proposal Guidelines: NAfME Music Research & Teacher Education National Conference

Download a copy of the Proposal Guidelines for the 2018 NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education National Conference held in Atlanta, GA on March 22 – 24, 2018.  Submission deadline October 2, 2017.


Music Research Web Site

Brian Wesolowski Calls for Papers and Conference Session Proposals (as well as announcements for open music education positions in higher education) from a variety of state, national, and international sources on his Music Research Web Site. To sign up to receive email notifications from him, click on Add Name at the Directory link.


Teacher/Researcher Partnership project

Teachers have questions, and higher ed faculty have research experience. If you have a question about your classes, music program, or the profession, contact the Research Committee ([email protected]) and we will partner a PMEA member teacher with a researcher with expertise in the area of your question. You can develop a project together, and work together to find answers. Previous projects have involved a general music teacher required to teach classes to a new age level, and a band/string teacher wanting to learn ways student journaling guided her teaching and reflective practice.


PMEA 2017 Research Presentations

Invited Researcher

                                             Dr. Brent C. Talbot                                              

Associate Professor of Music Education, Gettysburg College

“Systematic Oppression in/through Music Education”


Poster Session

David Goss ~~ A Mixed-Methods Examination of Expert Band Directors’ Rehearsal Pedagogy

Darrin Thornton & Nicole Becker ~~ What’s Going On? Teaching Racial Literacy in Music Classrooms

Alexander K. Schweizer & Brent C. Talbot ~~ Why are you waving your hands like that?: An analysis of musical meaning-making in a cross-cultural music learning environment

Lindsey Ray, David Tedford & Amelia Garbisch ~~ To See or Not To See: Music Education for Students with Sight-Impairment

Alison Spencer, Marissa Robert & Amelia Garbisch ~~ Singing With Your Hands: Using American Sign Language in Prekindergarten

Stephanie Latella, David Tedford & Amelia Garbisch ~~ Indoor Marching Band: The Next Generation of Marching Ensembles in Pennsylvania

Rachel Lipski & Amelia Garbisch ~~ The Great Musical Melting Pot: Analyzing the Role of Contemporary American Folk Music in Pennsylvania General Music Settings

Abigail Koehler ~~ High School Music Theory: Perceptions of the AP Music Theory Exam’s Influence on Teaching and Learning

Jay Dorfman ~~ Examining Music Teachers’ Experiences in a Rock Band Performance and Pedagogy Professional Development Course

Edward J. Holmes & Brent C. Talbot ~~ Towards A More Inclusive Music Education: Experiences of LGBTQQIAA Students In Music Education Programs Across Pennsylvania

Craig Dennison ~~ Reflections on Becoming Music Teachers

Karah Barrist ~~ Choral Directors’ Perspectives on A Cappella Participation

Ryan Thomas Gross & Craig Denison ~~ The Musician’s Approach to Cancer

Krysta Moyer & Amelia Garbisch ~~ Leaving Out the Little Ones: The Rate of Music Training in

James Eldreth ~~ Exploring America’s Music: Jazz Pedagogy in the Elementary General Music Setting 

Mitch Davis ~~ What About the 2nd Violins? Yearly Student Mobility in Middle School String Orchestras

Kathleen Doutt ~~ A Consideration of Best Practices in Peruvian Elementary and Secondary School Music Education Programs

Research to Practice Workshops:

Dr. Darrin Thornton & Dr. Nicole Becker: “What’s Going On? Teaching Racial Literacy in Music Classrooms”

Dr. David Goss: “Documenting the Paths to Success of Midwest Clinic Band Directors”

Edward Holmes & Dr. Brent Talbot: “Towards A More Inclusive Music Education: Experiences of LGBTQQIAA Students in Music Education Programs Across Pennsylvania”

Research Forum: 

Abigail Koehler: “High School Music Theory: Perceptions of the AP Music Theory Exam’s Influence on Teaching and Learning”
Alexander K. Schweizer & Dr. Brent Talbot: “Why Are You Waving Your Hands Like That? An Analysis of Musical Meaning-Making in a Cross-Cultural Music Learning Environment”


Research Articles

Research Links

Research Suggestions

Have a suggestion for a research project? Grad students and faculty in PMEA are interested in ideas for projects! Please submit a question or problem you think would make a good project by clicking here.

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