PMEA Membership Tour


Welcome to PMEA! The following is a listing of programs and services PMEA offers to help you make the most of your PMEA membership. When you join PMEA, you also become a member of the National Association for Music Education so be sure to check out the NAfME Membership Tour as well to see the many benefits available to you as a PMEA/NAfME member.  (For best results, log in to the site.)   

Adjudication (Music Performance Assessments)

Adjudication is just one of the many ways to help strengthen your music program. These events are open to ensembles at the elementary, middle and high school level. For more information and a list of events during the 2018-19 school year, visit the Adjudication page (under the Conferences & Events menu option). Click the picture to redirect to the Adjudication page.



The Advancement of Music Education Council is PMEA’s council dedicated to advocacy. Be on the lookout for periodic advocacy updates from Council Chair Mark Despotakis.  PMEA is proud to have been the 2015 NAfME Excellence in Advocacy Award Winner. Click the picture to redirect to the Advocacy page.


There are several ways to keep connected in PMEA. Be sure to check the PMEA website for the latest news updates. Here you will also find information on upcoming events and any necessary forms. Don’t forget to log-in to get full access of the website that’s only open to members.

All-member emails (sent out periodically each month) will keep you informed about what’s going on in your association. If you are not receiving these, please contact the PMEA office to make sure we have your current email address on file. And keep checking the Connect link on the PMEA website to find out the various ways, like Facebook groups, that you can stay in touch with your fellow PMEA members. Online forums are also available in a variety of topic areas by selecting the Join in our Forums menu option on the right side of the main PMEA webpage.

Always keep connected with PMEA through Social Media! We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and our PMEA Email. Follow us today for the latest in Music Education and PMEA News! Click on the logos to redirect you to our Social Media sites.


Fests & Festivals

Get your students involved in the many PMEA fests and festivals. Check your district’s website for audition and performance information. All district websites can be accessed from this website by selecting your district from the PMEA map or by selecting the About Us menu option. Click the picture to redirect to the District Map.

Lending Library

In need of a new composition for your ensemble to perform? Take a look at PMEA’s Music Lending Library by logging in to the PMEA website and selecting the Members Only Information link. The Lending Library includes music performed by previous All-State Bands, Choirs and Orchestras and Jazz ensembles. Click on the picture to redirect to the Members Only page.

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Margaret S. Bauer Grant Program

This program has been established in honor of PMEA Executive Director Emerita Margaret Bauer to provide grants to qualifying PMEA members who require funding for professional development, resources, equipment, or creative projects which will enhance music instruction, student learning and forward the mission of PMEA.  For more information, see the Scholarships and Awards page.

Music in our Schools Month

Looking for a performance opportunity for your students? Take advantage of the Music in our Schools Month concert series in March at the Capitol in Harrisburg. Performances are scheduled at noon in either the Rotunda or East Wing of the Capitol building. For more information, see the Fall issue of PMEA News or select the Music in our Schools Month link from the Conferences & Events menu option on the PMEA website.


PMEA News, the association’s professional journal, includes everything from music reviews in a variety of areas to helpful teaching tips and ideas to get you through the school year and much more.  As a member, you will receive this quarterly journal in the mail, as well as have online access to past issues.



Various opportunities exist in the area of Research including the opportunity to share research projects and presentations at the annual PMEA conference as well as getting member input on current research projects. PMEA also offers the Teacher/Researcher Partnership Project which partners a PMEA member teacher with a researcher with expertise in the area of question. Please contact PMEA Research Chair Alison Reynolds for further information or with any questions you may have.

Professional Development Opportunities:

(Act 48 Credits are available for PMEA sponsored events)

 PMEA Annual In-Service Conference

Continuing education at its best! Mark your calendars for the 2020 PMEA Annual Conference, April 23rd-25th at the Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos. Attend sessions lead by your PMEA colleagues and well-known presenters, test new products and get plenty of ideas from the more than 120 exhibitors, and network with your fellow teachers. Approximately 12 hours of Act 48 credits are typically available. Click the picture to redirect to the Annual In-Service Conference page.



PMEA Summer Conference

Get rejuvenated for the upcoming school year by attending the 2019 PMEA Summer Conference, to be held July 16th-17th at the Red Lion Hotel in Harrisburg. There is a small registration fee which includes all sessions and meals during the two-day event. Approximately eight hours of Act 48 credit are typically available. Registrants must cover housing costs. Click the picture to redirect to the PMEA Summer Conference page.

District Workshops

Several PMEA districts offer continuing development opportunities with day-long workshops. Check your district’s website, also accessible from the main page of the PMEA website for more information. Click the District Map to redirect and choose your district. 


Webinars will be offered during the 2018-2019 PMEA Webinar series. All webinars will take place on a Tuesday at 7 p.m. Act 48 hours will be available. For more information and to view past webinars, select the Webinar link under the Conferences and Events menu. Click the picture to redirect.

PMEA Mentor Program

PMEA’s Mentor Program is available for those in their first few years of teaching and those teaching in new teaching assignments. For more information or to sign up, contact PMEA Mentor Program Chair Teri Myers. Click the picture to redirect.

Tri-M Music Honor Society

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is available to middle/junior high and high school students as a way of recognizing them for their academic and musical achievements. Click the link to go to the Tri-M page on the PMEA website. Click the picture to redirect to the Tri-M Website through NAfME.

PMEA Retired Members Program

Take advantage of PMEA’s retired members network to stay in touch with your colleagues and involved in PMEA, even though you may not be teaching full-time. Contribute an article to the retired members section of PMEA News or volunteer your services at district and state events. For more information, please contact Retired members chair Paul Fox. Click the picture to redirect to the retired members page.


Stay involved in PMEA by lending a helping hand. Presiders are always needed to introduce speakers at the PMEA Annual In-service Conference, PMEA fests and festivals couldn’t happen without members who volunteer to serve as hosts for the event, and PMEA would not be able to run without its leadership at both the State and District levels. For more information on getting involved, please contact

NAfME Membership

Of course your membership in PMEA is also a membership in NAfME. The National Association for Music Education and includes all the benefits of their membership as well. Click the picture to redirect to the National Asssociation for Music Education’s Website.