Pennsylvania Department of Education Information

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Flyer

State Arts Educational Policy Page from  the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE)

SEADAE Policy Page

Webinar Presentation by Dave Deitz

SLO for Music Teachers-Goals, Standards and Assessments – Presentation Slides

SLO for Music Teachers: Goals, Standards and Assessments Webinar Recording (9.23.14)

Other Helpful Information:

Depth-Of-Knowledge for Fine Arts

PMEA Conference Presentation – Dave Deitz

Updated Music SLO Models

Elementary Instrumental Music Not Vetted 10.4.13

Choral Performance HS Not Vetted 10.4.13

Standards Information:

Curriculum Framework for Music

PA Standards for Arts and Humanities (Chapter 4)

Summer Conference Presentation Materials

Information from Dave Deitz’ most recent presentation at the 2013 PMEA Summer Conference

Summer Conference Power Point Slides
Performance Task Framework Template
Student Learning Objective (SLO) Process Template
Kindergarten Performance Measure Task Framework
Help Desk (Suggested Changes)
Task Structure Framework-Deitz Rewrite

Student Learning Objectives

Information from Dave Deitz’s presentation at the 2013 PMEA Annual In-service Conference

– PMEA Conference Presentation 4.18.13
– SLO Template 10.0-Final
– 10.0 Instrumental Music Gr 4-5
– Individual Sight Singing Task (Daily)
– Individual Vocal Assessment Task (Daily)

The following url has a lot of embedded links for arts integration. I clicked on quite a few and found lesson plans an advocacy/research articles, and thought others might also find some of these things useful. Please take a moment to click on some of the links and share with colleagues.