PMEA Leadership Academy

Congratulations to the graduates of the third PMEA Leadership Academy! 

Jay Althouse, Denise Bilott, Mark Cellini, Heather Ceresini, Matthew Ceresini, Stephanie Cicero, Keith Gromis, Eric Lauver, Evan Zimmerman

PMEA Leadership Academy 2015


What Music Education Leaders Need to Know

The purpose of the program is to develop the leadership necessary to ensure the long-term growth and advancement of both music education and the association. PMEA recognizes the need to develop future leaders. This program is centered around four units that consist of researching, networking, and developing action plans for:

  1. PMEA’s Programs & Strategic Direction
  2. PMEA’s Governance Structure and current trends in organizational development
  3. Leadership development & skill enhancement
  4. Current trends in music education.

Each class is also tasked with developing and implementing a project that enhances one aspect of the Strategic Plan. This year’s class focused on membership campaigns. 

Applications are now being accepted for the fourth class of the PMEA Leadership Academy. The program will begin with attendance at the 2016 PMEA Summer Conference, July 12-13 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, includes four written assignments with conference calls through the year and will conclude with graduation during the 2017 PMEA Annual Conference, April 19-22 in Erie. 

*The enrollment fee covers all materials and registration at the 2016 PMEA Summer Conference (costs to attend the annual conference in April are the responsibility of the program participant). 

Enrollment Criteria:

To enroll in and successfully complete the Leadership Program, you must:


If enrolled in the Leadership Program, you will:

  1. Learn about PMEA and how it conducts its daily business
  2. Learn how to thoughtfully and effectively participate in an online group process
  3. Learn about PMEA’s Governance Structure
  4. Learn about Leadership