Music In Our Schools Month

2019 Music In Our Schools Month Schedule


Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM) is an opportunity for the music educators of Pennsylvania to display their performing ensembles in front of many of the legislators in PA who make the decisions which directly affect our educational lives. Each weekday during March PMEA is allowed to schedule an ensemble in both the Main Rotunda and the East Wing to perform for an hour from Noon – 1 p.m. Groups can vary in size from large ensembles to quartets. You, the director, determine what type of group you wish to bring.

For the first time since I have been MIOSM Chair for PMEA, I am happy to announce that all available performing dates at the state capitol have been scheduled for MIOSM.  This is a wonderful means of celebrating music education in Pennsylvania and all participating members are to be congratulated for their extra effort in this program.  Those of you who may have applied but could not be scheduled are encouraged to apply again next year knowing that we now schedule new applicants first.  Please be aware that as of October 1 we had 32 applications, so I strongly recommend to those who have never done this in the past that if you want to participate next year you ought to submit your application by October 1, as scheduling is done beginning on October 4 at the latest.  Also, this means that we won’t have any open dates if you must cancel due to weather issues.  Again, I commend those who have applied and hope everyone has a great performance experience in our state capitol.

Questions should be directed to MIOSM Chair Chuck Neidhardt.

If anyone would like to submit any videos or pictures during Music In Our Schools Month, please send all media to