Resource Guide

Mentoring Focus on Resources (Elementary)

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by early service classroom music teachers participating in the mentor program and/or attending conference workshops is “What resources would you recommend?” The following is a list of some of my favorite resources, as well as those of some friends and colleagues who teach elementary classroom music. This is by no means a complete list, but hopefully it will give you some guidance as you begin to build your library. The next issue will focus on middle school classroom resources and following that will be suggested children’s literature for use in the music classroom.

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Music Resource Books

  • All Around the Buttercup by Ruth Boshkoff
    Supplement to Music for Children, American Edition, Schott Music Corporation
    Folk song Orff arrangements for young children.
  • American Sampler by Shirley McRae, Memphis Musicraft Publications
    This collection includes a variety of American folk songs with Orff accompaniment.
  • As American As Apple Pie by Randy DeLelles & Jeff Kriske, Kid Sounds
    21 American folk songs, arranged for Orff instruments and voices; incorporates speech, movement, instruments and song. This resource was recommended by five of the responding music educators.
  • FEEL IT! Rhythm Games for All by Dr. Robert Abramson (book & CD)
  • In All Kinds of Weather, Kids Make Music by Lynn Kleiner, Alfred Publications
  • It’s Elemental, Volume 1 and 2, by Don Dupont and Brian Hiller, Memphis Musicraft Publications
  • The Magic Circle by Isabel Carley, Brasstown
    This is a sequential collection of activity songs and singing games for early childhood and primary aged children.
  • The Magic Forest by Lynn Johnson
    Supplement to Music for Children, American Edition, Schott Music Corporation
  • Mallet Madness by Artie Almeida, Heritage Music Press
    A collection of units and activities for using mallet instruments in the elementary music classroom.
  • Music For Children, American Edition, Schott Music Corporation
    These three volumes were also recommended by multiple music educators.
  • Musical Games, Fingerplays and Rhythmic Activities for Early Childhood by Wirth, Stassevitch, Shotwell and Stemmler, Parker Publishing Company.
  • The Orff Source by Denise Gagne, Themes and Variations Publisher
    Orff arrangements of traditional folk songs and singing games, sequenced according to tone set.
  • Rhythm Games for Perception & Cognition by Dr. Robert Abramson (book & CD)
  • ANYTHING by John Feierabend (available through GIA Publications)
  • Ring Around, Sing Around by Ruth Boshkoff
  • Supplement to Music for Children, American Edition, Schott Music Corporation
  • Strike it Rich by Randy DeLelles and Jeff Kriske, Kids Sounds
    Mallet activities using Orff barred instruments.

Recorder Resources

  • Renaissance Debut arr. by Maurice Whitney
    Recorder ensemble pieces
  • Recorder Routes by Carol King, Memphis Musicraft
    Process based recorder lessons for the music classroom.

Dance Resources

  • Backwoods Heritage, Riley Riverside Productions
  • New England Dancing Masters Books and CDs
    These outstanding resources were recommended by multiple music teachers from both the elementary and middle school levels.
  • Chimes of Dunkirk, Down in the Valley, Jump Jim Joe, Listen to the Mockingbird, Sashay the Donut
  • Step Lively by Marian Rose

World Music Resources

  • Sing ‘Round the World, Volume 1 and 2 by Shirley McRae, Memphis Musicraft Publications
  • Moving Within the Circle, Bryan Burton, World Music Press
    Native American
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard! Songs From Ghana and Zimbabwe, World Music Press
  • Roots and Branches by Campbell, McCullough-Brabson and Tucker, World Music Press


  • Music Ace – Level 1 (Harmonic Vision Company)
    This software program covers many musical concepts. Taught by Professor Maestro. Interactive with the smartboard with 24 lessons total.
    The New York Philharmonic Kidzone


  • Greg and Steve CD’s
    Especially useful for meeting the math and reading, speaking and listening standards in a way that is obvious to the untrained observer.
  • The Christmas Revels Songbook compiled by Nancy & John Langstaff


  • Music K-8 published by Plank Road
    The resource magazine for elementary and middle school music teachers. Although some things are pitched rather low, the special event music, recorder, and boomwhacker activites are really helpful.Plank Road Publishing, Inc.
    P.O. Box 26627
    Wauwatosa, WI 53226-0627


Attending conferences, workshops, and taking classes and certification training in the different methodologies was mentioned by all as extremely important resources for the early service teacher.