Vocal Solos – Level 6

Codes for Suggested Voice Classification

A= Alto B = Bass/Baritone M = Mezzo Soprano O = Anyone S = Soprano T = Tenor

(y)= recommended as appropriate for younger voices




01 Art Songs, First Year CD
02 Contemporary Art Songs GS
03 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol.I WCB
04 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol. II WCB
05 Fifty Art Songs from the Modern Repertoire GS
06 Fifty Selected Songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss GS
07 Fifty-Five Art Songs SUBI
08 Fifty-Six Songs You Like to Sing GS
09 Pathways Of Song, Vol. I WIT
10 Pathways Of Song, Vol. II WIT
11 Pathways Of Song, Vol. III WIT
12 Pathways Of Song, Vol. IV WIT
13 Twentieth Century Art Songs GS
14 Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias GS
15 Classic Italian Songs, Vol. 1 CD
16 Broadway Repertoire (4 Vol: S, M, T, B) CHAP
17 Song Anthology One LEYE
18 Song Anthology Two LEYE
19 Basics of Singing (ed. Jan Schmidt) SBKS
20 Foundations In Singing (ed. Christy) (Med-High & Med-Low editions) WCB
21 Young Singer, The (4 Volumes: S, A, T, B) ROW
22 Functional Lessons In Singing (ED. Trusler & Ehret) PHRA
23 New Anthology of American Song GS
24 Solos for the Church Soloist (High & Low) (ed. Pfautsch) LGCL
25 One for the Melody (ed. Hawley Ades) (Unison Songs By Classic Composers) SP
26 Sacred Songs For All Occasions (High & Low Editions) (ed. Hollingsworth & Frederickson) ROW

Vocal Solo




Portion, Worktitle or Collection


Arne, T. Lass With the Delicate Air S (4,8) *
Bach, J.C. Gratias Agimus (from “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”) A Gloria in Excelsis Deo HAVE
Bach, J.C. Qui Tollis (from “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”) S Gloria in Excelsis Deo HAVE
Bach, J.S. Esurientes Implevit A Magnificat *
Bach, J.S. Laudamus Te S,M Mass in B Minor *
Bach, J.S. My Heart Ever Faithful S,T (8) *
Bach, J.S, Quia Respexit S Magnificat *
Barber, S. Under the Willow Tree M Vanessa (13) *
Berlioz, H Villanelle Les Indes Galantes IMC
Bernstein, L. Extinguish My Eyes S,T (2) GS
Bernstein, L. I Hate Music But I Love to Sing S I Hate to Sing AMBS
Bishop, H. Lo! Hear the Gentle Lark S,M CF
Brahms, J. Botschaft (Message) S,A,T,B (6) *
Brahms, J. Meine Liebe Ist Grun (My Love is Green) S,T (6) *
Brahms, J. Nicht Mehr Zu Dir Su Gehen B New Imperial Edition-Bass BH
Brahms, J. O Komme, Holde Sommernacht (O Come Delightful Summer Night) S (6) *
Brahms, J. Standchen (Serenade) SATB (6) *
Brahms, J. Vergebliches Standchen O Vain Suite (6) *
Brahms, J. Wie Melodien ieht Est Mir O (6) *
Caccini, G. Amarilli O (11,14,15) *
Casals, P. De Cara Al Mar (Sea Foam) S ABI
Casals, P. El Angel Travieso (Mischevious Angel) S ABI
Casals, P. Tres Estrofas De Amor S ABI
Chausson, E. Le Colibri S BMC
Chausson, E. Le Temps Des Lilas S Art Songs SAL
Chausson, E. Les Papillons S Great Art Songs GS
Christy, V. (arranger) Five Eyes O (20) WCB
Cimara, P. Fiocca La Neve (Snow) S (5) GS
Copland, A. Laurie’s Song S BH
Debussy, C. Il Pieure Dans Mon Coeur O (5,11) *
Debussy, C. Romance S,A (17) LEYE
Defesch, W. Tu Fai La Superbetta (You Act So Fine and Haughty) T (18) LEYE
Duke, J. Evening S CF
Duke, J. Silver S,M (13) *
Durante, F. Danza, Danza Fanciulla S,A (11-14) *
Dvorak, A. Songs My Mother Taught Me O (7-8) *
Elgar, E. Is She Not Passing Fair? T New Imperial Edition-Tenor BH
Falla, M. de Tus Ojillos Negros S,T (5) *
Faure, G. Apres En Reve O (4,5,7) *
Faure, G. Aurore S,T (5) *
Faure, G. Nell T 30 Songs IMC
Faure, G. Notre Amour A,T 30 Songs IMC
Ganz, R. Memory S,T (5) *
Gershwin, G. I Got Plenty of Nuttin’ B Porgy & Bess GS
Gershwin, G. It Ain’t Necessarily So B Porgy & Bess GS
Gershwin, G. Summertime S Porgy & Bess GS
Giannini, V. Tell Me, O Blue, Blue Sky S,T,M RIC
Gluck, C. O Del Mio Dolce Ardor S,T (14) *
Guonod, C. O Divine Redeemer S,T (4) *
Greig, E. Swan, A O GS
Greig, E. Swan, A O TP
Greig, E. Solvieg’s Song S (1,8) *
Griffes, C. By a Forest Pathway (5) *
Guion, D. At the Cry of the First Bird S (13) *
Guion, D. Mary Alone A New Anthology of American Songs GS
Hageman, R. At the Well S (5) *
Hageman, R. Christ Went Up Into the Hills S,M,A,T CF
Hageman, R. Do Not Go, My Love (8) *
Hageman, R. Music I Heard With You S,M,A GMC
Handel, G. But Who May Abide A,B Messiah *
Handel, G. Care Selve S (11) *
Handel, G. Every Valley Shall Be Exhalted T Messiah *
Handel, G. Father in Heaven A Church Soloist LG
Handel, G. He Was Cut Off…But Thou Didst Not Leave T Messiah *
Handel, G. He Was Despised A Messiah *
Handel, G. Hear Me Ye Winds and Waves B BH
Handel, G. How Art Thou Fallen Bari-B New Imperial Editions-a) Baritone b) Bass BH
Handel, G. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth S New Imperial Editions Messiah *
Handel, G. If God Be for Us Who Can Be Against Us S *
Handel, G. O Sleep Why Dost Thou Leave Me? S Semele (4,11) *
Handel, G. O Thou That Tellest Good Things A Messiah *
Handel, G. Oh! Had I Jubal’s Lyre S Joshua GS
Handel, G. Ombra Mai Fu A Xerxes (10) *
Handel, G. Rejoice Greatly S Messiah *
Handel, G. Thanks Be th The (Dank Sei Der Herr) O Great Art Songs GS
Handel, G. Thou Art Gone Up On HIgh S,A Messiah *
Haydn, J. In Native Worth T Creation *
Ives, C. Greatest Man, The T,B Three Songs By Ives AMP
Ives, C. Light That Is Felt A Contemporary American Art Songs OD
Lamontaine, J. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening A GMC
LeGrenzi, G. Che Fiero Costume (With Cuunning Conniving) S,A,T,B (4,14) *
Liddle, S. How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings S,A,T,B BH
Marcello, B. Il mio bel foco S (14) GS
Massenet, J. Elegy S,A,T,B (4,7,8) *
Mendelssohn, F. Hear My Prayer S GS
Mendelssohn, F. I With All Your Hearts T Elijah GS
Mendelssohn, F. Oh God Have Mercy A St. Paul GS
Menotti, G. Black Swan S Medium (13) GS
Menotti, G. Black Swan, The S Medium (13) GS
Menotti, G. Hero S,T (13) *
Menotti, G. Kaspar’s Aria T (pp. 25-26) Amahl GS
Menotti, G. Lullaby A,M Consul (2) GS
Menotti, G. Monica’s Waltz Song S Medium (pp. 63-70) GS
Mozart, W. Abendempfindung S,T *
Mozart, W. Alleluja S Exultate, Jubilate GS
Mozart, W. Batti, Batti, O Bel Masetto S Don Giovanni GS
Mozart, W. Das Veilchen (Violet) S (8) *
Mozart, W. DehVieni Non Tardar S Le Nozze De Figaro (W/Rec) RIC
Mozart, W. In Diesen Heil’Ger Heilgen B Magic Flute *
Mozart, W. Non Piu Andrai B Le Nozze De Figaro *
Mozart, W. Non So Piu Cosa Son S,M Figaro *
Mozart, W. O Isis Und Osiris B Magic Flute GS
Mozart, W. Papagemo’s Song B Magic Flute *
Mussorgsky, M. Song of the Flea B GS
Offenbach, J. Belle Nuit S,A Les Contes D’Hoffman (Archive Edition) GS
Pergolesi, G. Se Tu M’Ami (If Thou Love Me) S (7-14) *
Persichetti, V. Grass, The S,T EV
Persichetti, V. I’m Noboody and When the Hills Do O EV
Persichetti, V. Noice of the Waters A EV
Puccini, G. Oh Mio Babbino Caro S RIC
Puccini, G. Quando Me’n Vo Soletto S LaBoheme FCC
Rorem, N. Psalm 142 S,T Cycle of Holy Songs PEER
Rorem, V.-Christy Christmas Carol, A O (20) WCB
Sandoval, M. Sin Tu Amor S,T (5) *
Schubert, F. An Die Musik O IMC
Schubert, F. Der Tod Und Das Madchen A *
Schubert, F. Der Wanderer T,B CMP
Schubert, F. Der Wanderer T,B IMC
Schubert, F. Fruhlingsgalube (Faith In Spring) S,M,T (3) *
Schubert, F. Ungeduld (Impatience) S,M,A,T,B (4,6) *
Schubert, F. Wanderer’s Nachtlied O *
Schubert, F. Wohin? (Whither?) O (6) *
Schumann, R. An Den Sonnensheiin (To the Sunshine) O (9) *
Schumann, R. Die Beiden Grenadiere T,B (8) *
Schumann, R. Du Bist Wie Eine Blume (Thou Art So Like a Flower) S,T (1,8) *
Schumann, R. Er, Der Herrlichste S,A Vocal Album GS
Schumann, R. Widmung S,T Dedication (6) *
Secchi, A. Lungi Dal Caro Bene S (15) TP
Stradella, A. Pieta Signore (O Lord Have Mercy) O (4,14) *
Strauss, R. Allerseelen (All Souls’ Day) S,T (4,6,8) *
Strauss, R. Die Nacht S,T (12) *
Strauss, R. Zueignung O Dedication (4,6,8) *
Sullivan, A. Orpheus Wiith His Lute O (4) *
Sullivan, A. Poor Wandering One S Pirates of Penzance *
Torelli, G. Tu Lo Sai O (4,14,15) *
Vaughan Williams, R. Roadside Fire T,B Songs of Travel BH
Vaughan Williams, R. Silent Noon S (5) *
Vaughan Williams, R. Vagabond T,B Songs of Travel BH
Vaughan Williams, R. Water Mill, The O BH
Vaughan Williams, R. Youth & Love T,B Songs of Travel BH
Vivaldi, A. Domine Deus S Gloria WAL
Warlock, P. As I Ever Saw T New Imperial Edition-Tenor BH
Wolf, H. My Native Land A,B (7) *
Wolf, H. Verborgenheit (Secrecy) S,A,T,B (4,6) *
Wolf, H. Verschweigene Liebe (Silent Love) O (5,8) *