Vocal Solos – Level 5

Codes for Suggested Voice Classification

A= Alto B = Bass/Baritone M = Mezzo Soprano O = Anyone S = Soprano T = Tenor

(y)= recommended as appropriate for younger voices




01 Art Songs, First Year CD
02 Contemporary Art Songs GS
03 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol.I WCB
04 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol. II WCB
05 Fifty Art Songs from the Modern Repertoire GS
06 Fifty Selected Songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss GS
07 Fifty-Five Art Songs SUBI
08 Fifty-Six Songs You Like to Sing GS
09 Pathways Of Song, Vol. I WIT
10 Pathways Of Song, Vol. II WIT
11 Pathways Of Song, Vol. III WIT
12 Pathways Of Song, Vol. IV WIT
13 Twentieth Century Art Songs GS
14 Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias GS
15 Classic Italian Songs, Vol. 1 CD
16 Broadway Repertoire (4 Vol: S, M, T, B) CHAP
17 Song Anthology One LEYE
18 Song Anthology Two LEYE
19 Basics of Singing (ed. Jan Schmidt) SBKS
20 Foundations In Singing (ed. Christy) (Med-High & Med-Low editions) WCB
21 Young Singer, The (4 Volumes: S, A, T, B) ROW
22 Functional Lessons In Singing (ED. Trusler & Ehret) PHRA
23 New Anthology of American Song GS
24 Solos for the Church Soloist (High & Low) (ed. Pfautsch) LGCL
25 One for the Melody (ed. Hawley Ades) (Unison Songs By Classic Composers) SP
26 Sacred Songs For All Occasions (High & Low Editions) (ed. Hollingsworth & Frederickson) ROW

Vocal Solo




Portion, Worktitle or Collection


Arne, T. Rule Brittannia T,B (17) LEYE
Bach, J. S. Bist Du Bei Mir (If Thou Be Near) O (10) *
Barber, J. Sure On This Shining Night T Songs Of 22 Americans GS
Barber, S. Daisies, The O GS
Barber, S. Nun Takes The Veil, A S GS
Beach, Mrs. H.H.A. O Mistress Mine T (17) LEYE
Beethoven, L. Der Kuss, (Kiss) (11) *
Beethoven, L. Ich Liebe Dich (I Love Thee) S,T (3,8,10) *
Bernstein, L. Candide’s Lament T,B(y) Candide Vocal Selections BH
Bernstein, L. It Must Be Me S,T Candide (13) GS
Bernstein, L. My House S,M,T Album Of Songs GS
Bernstein, L. Simple Song S,T Mass AMBS
Bohm, K. Still Wie Die Nacht (Calm As The Night) O (1,3,8) *
Bononcini, G. Per La Gloria O GS
Brahms, J. Feldeinsamkeit (Alone In The Fields) *
Brahms, J. Mein Madel Hat Einen Rosenmund (My Dear One’s Mouth) T,B,U (10) *
Britten, B. Corpus Christi Carol S OX
Britten, B. O Can Ye Sew Cushions? S Folk Song Arrangements, Vol. I BH
Britten, B. Salley Gardens O Folk Song Arrang. Vol. I BH
Buononcini, G. Love Leads To Battle (Pupille Neri) B New Imperial Edition – Bass BH
Buononcini, G. Per La Gloria D’Adoravi O (14) *
Caldara, A. Alma Del Core S,T (12,14) *
Campbell, T. Crying Of Water S,T (23) GS
Carissimi, G. Vittoria Mio Core T,B (14, 15) *
Carpenter, J. Sleep That Flits On Baby’s Eyes S (5) *
Carpenter, J. When I Bring To You Colored Toys A,M (2) *
Charles, E. When I Have Sung My Songs S,M,T GS
Copland, A. Ching-A-Ring Chaw A,B Old American Songs, Set II BH
Copland, A. Golden Willow Tree A,B Old American Songs, Set II BH
Debussy, C. Beau Soir (Beautiful Evening) O (4,8) *
Delibes, L. Bonjour, Suzon O (21) ROW
Delibes, L. Bonjour Suzon O GS
Dello Joio, N. There Is A Lady Sweet & Kind T CF
Duke, J. Last Word Of A Blue Bird Archive Edition GS
Durante, F. Vergin, Tutto Amor O (4,14,15) *
Dvorak, A. By The Waters Of Babylon O Biblical Songs, No. 7 GS
Dvorak, A. By The Waters Of Babylon O Biblical Songs, No. 7 SIM
Dvorak, A. Hear My Prayer O Biblical Songs, No. 3 GS
Dvorak, A. Hear My Prayer O Biblical Songs, No. 3 SIM
Dvorak, A. Turn Thee To Me O Biblical Songs, No. 8 GS
Dvorak, A. Turn Thee To Me O Biblical Songs, No. 8 SIM
Faure, G. En Priere O (5) *
Finzi, G. Let Us Garlands Bring B Any BH
Grieg, E. By The Brook S (5) *
Hahn, R. L’Heure Exquise S,T (4,7) *
Handel, G. Come Unto Me S Messiah *
Handel, G. Grace Thy Fair Brow (9) *
Handel, G. He Shall Feed His Flock A Messiah *
Handel, G. Here Amid The Shady Wood S (12) *
Handel, G. How Beautiful Are The Feet S Messiah *
Handel, G. O Lord, Whose Mercies Numberless S,A,T,B Church Soloist LG
Handel, G. Thou Shalt Bring Them In A Israel In Egypt GS
Haydn, J. Bind’ Auf Dein Haar (My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair) (8) *
Head, M. Acquaint Now Myself With Him S,A,T,B,M BH
Ives, C. Two Little Flowers O Three Songs Of Ives AMP
Ives, C./Christy At The River O (20) WCB
Kotchetov, N. Tell, O Tell Her T (5) *
Leyerle, W. (arranger) Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair T (17) LEYE
Lotti, A. Pur Dicesti, O Bocca Bella S,A (4,14,15) *
MacDowell, E. Thy Beaming Eyes T (21) ROW
Massenet, J. Crespuscule S (25) Songs For Young Girls GS
Mendelssohn, F. O Rest In The Lord A Elijah (3,8) *
Mendelssohn, F. Woe Unto Them A Elijah *
Monteverdi, C. Ahi, Troppe E Duro S (15) *
Monteverdi, C. Lasciate Mi Monre S,A,T,B *
Mozart, W. Vedrai Carino S GS
Mozart, W. Voi Che Sapete S,M Le Nozze De Figaro GS
Niles, J. I Wonder As I Wander O GS
Pergolesi, G. Nina T,B (4,14,15) *
Purcell, H. Hark How All Things B ROW
Purcell, H. Strike the Viol S,A,T,B ROW
Quilter, R. Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal T,B BH
Rachmaninov, S. Lilacs S,A,M (8) *
Reger, M. Virgin’s Slumber Song S,M,A AMP
Scarlatti, A. Rugiadose Odorose S,A,M (15) *
Schubert, F. Ave Maria O (8) *
Schubert, F. Das Fischermadchen T,B First Vocal Album GS
Schubert, F. Der Lindenbaum O CFP
Schubert, F. Der Lindenbaum O IMC
Schubert, F. Die Forelle O *
Schubert, F. Im Dorfe O CFP
Schubert, F. Lachen Und Weinen O *
Schubert, F. Standchen S,A,T Serenade (4,8) *
Schuman, W. Holiday Song O (2) *
Schuman, W. Orpheus With His Lute A,B GS
Schumann, R. Der Nussbaum (Walnut Tree) O (6) *
Schumann, R. Die Lotosblume (Lotus-Flower) S,T (1,3,6,7,9) *
Schumann, R. Sonntags Am Rhein S,T Great Art Songs GS
Taylor, D. Waters Ripple and Flow S JF
Tchaikovsky, P. Don Juan’s Serenade B Bass Songs OD
Tchaikovsky, P. Don Juan’s Serenade B New Imperial Edition-Baritone BH
Tchaikovsky, P. Pilgrim’s Song B *
Thiman, E. I Love All Graceful Things S,M,T (2) *
Thompson, R. Siciliano B Five Love Songs ECSM
Vaughan Williams, R. Bright Is the Ring of Words T.B Songs Of Travel BH
Vaughan Williams, R. How Can the Tree but Wither B OX
Vaughan Williams, R. Wither Must I Wonder T,B Songs of Travel BH
Vivaldi, A. Qui Sesdes Ad Dexteram A Gloria *
Warlock, P. Balulalow S OX
Weckerlin, J. Ah!Mon Berger (Ah! Shepherd Dear) S (17) LEYE
Weckerlin, J. Maman, Dites-Moi S Bergerettes GS
Weckerlin, J. Non Je N’irai Plus Au Bois Bergerettes GS
Weill, K. Lonely House O (16-S) Street Scene CHAP
Wolf, H. Bescheidene Liebe (Unpretentious Lover) (6) *