Vocal Solos – Level 3

Codes for Suggested Voice Classification

A= Alto B = Bass/Baritone M = Mezzo Soprano O = Anyone S = Soprano T = Tenor

(y)= recommended as appropriate for younger voices




01 Art Songs, First Year CD
02 Contemporary Art Songs GS
03 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol.I WCB
04 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol. II WCB
05 Fifty Art Songs from the Modern Repertoire GS
06 Fifty Selected Songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss GS
07 Fifty-Five Art Songs SUBI
08 Fifty-Six Songs You Like to Sing GS
09 Pathways Of Song, Vol. I WIT
10 Pathways Of Song, Vol. II WIT
11 Pathways Of Song, Vol. III WIT
12 Pathways Of Song, Vol. IV WIT
13 Twentieth Century Art Songs GS
14 Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias GS
15 Classic Italian Songs, Vol. 1 CD
16 Broadway Repertoire (4 Vol: S, M, T, B) CHAP
17 Song Anthology One LEYE
18 Song Anthology Two LEYE
19 Basics of Singing (ed. Jan Schmidt) SBKS
20 Foundations In Singing (ed. Christy) (Med-High & Med-Low editions) WCB
21 Young Singer, The (4 Volumes: S, A, T, B) ROW
22 Functional Lessons In Singing (ED. Trusler & Ehret) PHRA
23 New Anthology of American Song GS
24 Solos for the Church Soloist (High & Low) (ed. Pfautsch) LGCL
25 One for the Melody (ed. Hawley Ades) (Unison Songs By Classic Composers) SP
26 Sacred Songs For All Occasions (High & Low Editions) (ed. Hollingsworth & Frederickson) ROW

Vocal Solo




Portion, Worktitle or Collection


Bach, J.S. Komm Susser Tod S,T,U Come Sweet Death(11) *
Bach, J.S. Liebster Herr Jesu O Blessed Redeemer (12) *
Bach, J.S. Prepare Thyself, Zion A GS
Bacon, E. (arranger) Buffalo Gals B CF
Banks, R. Prayer Of St. Francis A BM
Barab, S. Song Of Perfect Propriety M BH
Beethoven, L. – Christy Prayer, A (Gebet) O (20) WCB
Berger, J. Carolina Chabin B,M BROU
Berger, J. Heart B,M BROU
Berger, J. Of Times Past B SHEP
Berger, J. On A Cat B SHEP
Bernstein, L. So Pretty M AMBS
Bishop, H. Love Has Eyes S (4,7,11) *
Bliss, A. Buckle S (13) *
Boatner, E. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me GMC
Bowles, P. Cabin O (13) *
Brahms, J. Ach Gott, Wie Weh Tut Scheiden O (12) *
Britten, B. Jazz Man, The S,T Friday Afternoons BH
Britten, B. There’s None To Soothe S,T Folk Song
Arrangements, Vol. III
Bullard, B. When Good Fellows Get Together B Bass Songs OD
Burleigh, H. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child S,A,T,B *
Burleigh, H. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot A,B FCC
Burleigh, H. Were You There? S,A,T,B *
Cadman, C. Little Road To Kerry O (1) *
Caldwell, M. Lute Carol, A O HWG
Caldwell, M. Sweet Holy Child S,A,U BM
Carey, H. Pastoral S (3,7) *
Carpenter, J. Go Lovely Rose T,B GS
Casals, P. Canco Catalana No. 1 S TET
Cavalli, F. Donzelle Fuggite S (15) *
Charles, E. Let My Song Fill Your Heart S GS
Christy, V. (arranger) High Barbaree (Chantey) O (20) WCB
Cladara, A. Sebben Crudele O GS
Copland, A. At The River A,B,M Old American Songs,Set II BH
Copland, A. Little Horses O Old Amer. Songs, Set II BH
Dello Joio, N. Mill Doors O CF
Diamond, D. Anniversary In A Country Cemetery S BH
Diamond, D. Epitaph S,T AMP
Dibdin, C. Lass That Loves A Sailor, The T (18) LEYE
Dougherty, C. Across The Western Ocean (13) *
Dougherty, C. Sound The Flute (2) *
Dowland, J. Come Again, Sweet Love O (7) *
Dowland, J. Now, Oh Now I Need Must Part O Reliquary Of English Songs GS
Duke, J. Be Still As You Are Beautiful T,B CF
Duke, J. One Red Rose B CF
Dvorak, A. Lord, Thou Art My Refuge O Biblical Songs, No. 2 *
Fountenaille, H. de Resolve S Obstination (3,8) *
Franz, R. Aus Meinen Grossen Schmerzen,
(Out Of My Soul’s Great Sadness)
O (1,3) *
Franz, R. Waldfahrt (Woodland Journey) O (9) *
German, E. Who’ll Buy My Lavender? O (21) ROW
Gibbs, C. When I Was One & Twenty (2) *
Giordani, G. Caro Mio Ben O (4,7,8,14,15) *
Grieg, E./Christy Two Brown Eyes (Zwei Braune Augen) O (21) WCB
Grieg, E. First Primrose (9) *
Handel, G. Verdi Prati (Verdant Meadows) S,A (9) *
Haydn, F.J./Christy Piercing Eyes O (20) WCB
Haydn, J. Die Landlust (In The Country) (9) *
Haydn, J. She Never Told Her Love (7) *
Haydn, J. Very Ordinary Story T,B (12) *
Holst G. Heart Worships A,B GMC
Ives, C. Karen T,B TP
Ives, C. World’s Wanderers, The O TP
Keel, F. Trade Winds T,B Three Salt Water Ballads BH
Leyerle, A. (arranger) Ev’ry Time I Feel The Spirit S,T (17) LEYE
Leyerle, A. (arranger) Fare You Well S,A,T,B (17) LEYE
Leyerle, A. (arranger) Greensleeves T,B (17) LEYE
Leyerle, A. (arranger) Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho T,B (17) LEYE
Leyerle, A. (arranger) Minstrel Boy, The S,A,T,B (18) LEYE
Leyerle, A. (arranger) Wayfaring Stranger S,A,T,B (17) LEYE
Liszt, F. It Must Be Wonderful Indeed (7,9) *
Lohr, H. Little Irish Girl, The T,B (21) ROW
Lully, J./Christy Close Mine Eyes, And Forever
(Fermez Vous Pour Jamais)
O (20) WCB
Manning, R. Shenandoah B GMC
Martini, G. Plasir D’Amour (Joy Of Love) O (3,7) *
Mendelssohn, F. For Know Ye Not B Saint Paul *
Niles, J. Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair O GS
Niles, J. Black Oak Tree O CF
Niles, J. He’s Goin’ Away O CF
Niles, J. Wayfaring Stranger A,B GS
Old English Ah The Syghes That Come Fro’ My Heart T Reliquary Of English Songs GS
Pasatieri, T. Instead Of Words O BM
Pasatieri, T. Vocal Modesty S BM
Perti, G. Dolce Scherza S,T (19) SBKS
Roberton, H. All In The April Evening (13) *
Rorem, N. Love S,B BH
Rorem, N. Root Cellar S,M CFP
Rosa, S. Selve Voi Che Le Soeranze O (15) *
Roy, W. This Little Rose S,T Songs By 22 Americans GS
Scarlatti, A. O Cessata Di Piagarmi O (14,15) *
Schubert, F. Adieu (Farewell) (9) *
Schubert, F. Wiegenlied S,A (11) *
Schubert, F./Christy Morning Greeting (Morgangruss) T,B (20) WCB
Schumann, R. Volksliedchen (A Little Folksong) S,A (17) LEYE
Sullivan, A. When I Was A Lad B All Verses H.M.S. Pinafore *
Taylor, D. Mayday Carol S,M,T,B JF
Tchaikovsky, P. Legend (3,5) *
Vaughan Williams, R. Linden Lea O BH
Warlock, P. Yarmouth Fair OX
Weckerlin, J. Venez, Agreable Printemps S Bergerettes GS
Weill, K. Lonesome Dove A,B (13) *