Vocal Solos – Level 2

Codes for Suggested Voice Classification

A= Alto B = Bass/Baritone M = Mezzo Soprano O = Anyone S = Soprano T = Tenor

(y)= recommended as appropriate for younger voices




01 Art Songs, First Year CD
02 Contemporary Art Songs GS
03 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol.I WCB
04 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol. II WCB
05 Fifty Art Songs from the Modern Repertoire GS
06 Fifty Selected Songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss GS
07 Fifty-Five Art Songs SUBI
08 Fifty-Six Songs You Like to Sing GS
09 Pathways Of Song, Vol. I WIT
10 Pathways Of Song, Vol. II WIT
11 Pathways Of Song, Vol. III WIT
12 Pathways Of Song, Vol. IV WIT
13 Twentieth Century Art Songs GS
14 Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias GS
15 Classic Italian Songs, Vol. 1 CD
16 Broadway Repertoire (4 Vol: S, M, T, B) CHAP
17 Song Anthology One LEYE
18 Song Anthology Two LEYE
19 Basics of Singing (ed. Jan Schmidt) SBKS
20 Foundations In Singing (ed. Christy) (Med-High & Med-Low editions) WCB
21 Young Singer, The (4 Volumes: S, A, T, B) ROW
22 Functional Lessons In Singing (ED. Trusler & Ehret) PHRA
23 New Anthology of American Song GS
24 Solos for the Church Soloist (High & Low) (ed. Pfautsch) LGCL
25 One for the Melody (ed. Hawley Ades) (Unison Songs By Classic Composers) SP
26 Sacred Songs For All Occasions (High & Low Editions) (ed. Hollingsworth & Frederickson) ROW

Vocal Solo




Portion, Worktitle or Collection


Arne, T. – Christy Miller Of Mansfield, The O (20) WCB
Bach, J. S. Die Gold’ne Sonne O Golden Sun (12) *
Bayly, T. Long, Long Ago A,B (1) *
Bencini, P. Tanto Sospirero S,T (15) *
Bohemian Folk Song Sleep Little Angel O (12) *
Brahms, J. Der Jager (The Hunter) S,A IMC
Burleigh, H. Nobody Knows De Trouble I’ve Seen S,A,T,B Album Of
Negro Spirituals
Carpenter, J. May The Maiden B OD
Christy, V. (arranger) Bendemeer’s Stream (Irish Folk) O (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Early One Morning (English Folk) O (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Walk Together Children (Spiritual) O (20) WCB
Copland, A. Simple Gifts O Old American Songs *
Crist, B. Baby Is Sleeping S,U CF
Crist, B. Lady-Bug S,U Chinese M.G. Rhymes *
Crist, B. Mouse S,U Chinese M.G. Rhymes CF
Crist, B. Mouse S,U Chinese M.G. Rhymes CF
Crist, B. What The Old Cow Said S,U Chinese M.G. Rhymes CF
Davis, K. Pitcher, The S GMC
Davis, K. Summer Evening S BM
Depue, W. (arranger) He’s Gone Away O PRHA
Diamond, D. Shepherd Boy Sings In The Valley Of Humiliation, The S,T SMP
Dougherty, C. Green Meadows S,T GS
Dougherty, C. Sound The Flute O GS
Dunhill, T. April S ABI
Finzi, G. Lily Has A Smooth Stalk M (y) OX
Firestone, I. If I Could Tell You S,A GS
Foote, A. Ditty, A S,M SCHM
Foote, A. I’m Wearing Awa’ To The Lawd O ROW
Franz, R. For Music O (21) ROW
Greene, E. Sing Me To Sleep S,A BMC
Grieg, E. Boat Song O PRHA
Gretchaninov, A. Slumber-Song S,A (1,5,7) *
Hahn, C. Green Cathedral, The S,A TP
Hopkinson, F. My Love Is Gone To Sea S CF
Humperdinck, E. Evening Prayer (Hansel And Gretel) S,A Hansel & Gretel CF
Jacobson, M. Marie Antoinette’s Song S,A CF
Johnson, D. Lone Wild Bird M,U AUG
Kernochan, J. As I Ride By B Any 5 verses GMC
Kountz, R. Little Bells Through Dark Of Night A GMC
Lehman, L. If No One Ever Marries Me S BH
Leslie-Smith, K. Canterbury Fair S BH
Lubbock, M. Whispering Poplar, The S GS
MacDowell, E. Folksong O NOV
MacDowell, E. Midsummer Lullaby O DC
MacDowell, E. To A Wild Rose O NOV
Martin, E. Come To The Fair S,A BH
Mendelssohn, F. Evening Song S,A,T,B (19) SBKS
Molloy, J. Kerry Dance, The S,T BH
Monro, G. My Lovely Celia T,B (4,7) *
Morgan, O. Clorinda O BH
Morley, T. Now Is The Month Of Maying S,A,T,U (7) *
Mozart, W. Wiegenlied S (9) *
Myers, G. Love of Spike Malone, The O BOU
Niles, J. Blue Madonna S GS
Niles, J. Reward S,M,T GS
North, M. Such Lovely Things O BH
Old English O No, John S,A (1) *
Old English Pretty Polly Oliver S,A (1) *
Old Irish I Will Walk With My Love S Irish Country Songs BH
Old Irish Kitty Of Coleraime T,B,U (11) *
Persichetti, V. Thou Child So Wise (2) EV
Puccini, G. E L’uccellino O RIC
Quilter, R. Ash Grove S,T Arnold Book Of Old Songs BH
Rimsky-Korsakov, N. Song Of The Shepherd Lehl (Snegourotchka) O BMC
Rorem, N. Early In The Morning T,B CFP
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Greensleeves O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) I Know My Love O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Let Us Break Bread Together O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Long Time Ago O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Willow Song, The O (19) SBKS
Schubert, F. Des Mullers Blumen O First Vocal Album GS
Schubert, F. Thou Art Repose S GS
Scott, A. Think On Me O *
Siegmeister, E. John Reed O EBM
Stanford, C. My Love’s An Arbutus O (1) *
Tarrasch, W. Early One Morning O CF
Taylor, D. Twenty, Eighteen O BM
Thompson, R. Velvet Shoes S,U,T ECSM
Traditional I Know Where I’m Goin’ S,A BMC
Waring, T. Steal Away B SP
Watts, W. Blue Are Her Eyes T TP
Weatherl, F. Danny Boy O BH
Weaver, P. Build Thee More Stately Mansions A,B GMC
Weckerlin, J. Bergere Legere S,T Bergerettes GS
Weckerlin, J. Jeune Fillette S,T Bergerettes GS
Weckerlin, J. Menuet D’Exaudet O Bergerettes GS
Woodman, R. I Am Thy Harp S,A New Anthology of
American Songs
Work, J. Go Tell It On The Mountain O GMC