Vocal Solos – Level 1

Codes for Suggested Voice Classification

A= Alto B = Bass/Baritone M = Mezzo Soprano O = Anyone S = Soprano T = Tenor

(y)= recommended as appropriate for younger voices




01 Art Songs, First Year CD
02 Contemporary Art Songs GS
03 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol.I WCB
04 Expressive Singing, Song Anthology, Vol. II WCB
05 Fifty Art Songs from the Modern Repertoire GS
06 Fifty Selected Songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss GS
07 Fifty-Five Art Songs SUBI
08 Fifty-Six Songs You Like to Sing GS
09 Pathways Of Song, Vol. I WIT
10 Pathways Of Song, Vol. II WIT
11 Pathways Of Song, Vol. III WIT
12 Pathways Of Song, Vol. IV WIT
13 Twentieth Century Art Songs GS
14 Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias GS
15 Classic Italian Songs, Vol. 1 CD
16 Broadway Repertoire (4 Vol: S, M, T, B) CHAP
17 Song Anthology One LEYE
18 Song Anthology Two LEYE
19 Basics of Singing (ed. Jan Schmidt) SBKS
20 Foundations In Singing (ed. Christy) (Med-High & Med-Low editions) WCB
21 Young Singer, The (4 Volumes: S, A, T, B) ROW
22 Functional Lessons In Singing (ED. Trusler & Ehret) PHRA
23 New Anthology of American Song GS
24 Solos for the Church Soloist (High & Low) (ed. Pfautsch) LGCL
25 One for the Melody (ed. Hawley Ades) (Unison Songs By Classic Composers) SP
26 Sacred Songs For All Occasions (High & Low Editions) (ed. Hollingsworth & Frederickson) ROW

Vocal Solo




Portion, Worktitle or Collection


Abt, F. Over The Stars There Is Rest A,M,B,U (y) GS
American Folk Song
Artman, R. (arranger)
All The Pretty Little Horses O (y) COL
American Folk Song
Grier/Everson (arr.)
Shenandoah O (y) LORZ
American Folk Song
Strommen, C. (arranger)
Aura Lee B,U, (y) (octavo) BH
American Folk Song Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head O (21) ROW
American Revolutionary Song
Bacon, D. (arranger)
Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier S,M,A(y) (octavo) BH
Bach, C.P.E. Day And Night I Call To Thee O (y) (24) LG
Bach, C.P.E. Goodness of God, The O (y) LG
Bach, J.S. Rise Up, My Heart, With Gladness O (y) LG
Bantock, G. Wind, The S ASH
Bartok, B. Silver Moonbeams O(y) The Art Song
(Music for Millions)
Beethoven, L. God Is My Song O(y) (25) SP
Beethoven, L. Prayer, A O (y) WCB
Berger, J. Lonely People O (y) Four Songs BRO
Bohm, G. Guardian Angels S,T,O (y) (24) LGCL
Boyce, W. Tell Me, Lovely Shepherd O(Y) OX
Brahms, J. Da Unten Im Tale O Below in the Valley (10) *
Brahms, J. Hunter In The Wood, The O (y) (25) SP
Brahms, J. Lost Chicken, The O(y) (25) SP
Brahms, J. Oh, Calm Of Night O (y) (3) WCB
Brazilian Folk Lullabye
Christy, V. (arranger)
TuTu Maramba S,M,A (y) (3) WCB
Britten, B O (y) O (y) The Little Sweep (octavo) BH
Britten, B. New Year Carol, A O BH
Britten, B. There Was A Man Of Newington S,U BH
Britten, B. Tragic Story S,U BH
Burnham, E. Carol Lullaby, A A,M,U (y) WILL
Christy, V. (arranger) All Through The Night O (y) (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Bendemeer’s Stream O (y) (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Cockels and Mussels (Irish Folk) O (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Dove And The Lily (Swedish Folk) O (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Gypsy Rover, The (Irish Ballad) O (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) I Know Where I’m Going (Scottish Ballad) S,A (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Old Woman And The Peddler, The O (y) (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Shenandoah T,B,O (y) (20) WCB
Christy, V. (arranger) Turtle Dove, The (English Folk) O (20) WCB
Cooke, E. Two Marionettes M,S (y) Album Of 25 Favorite
Songs For Girls
Danzig, E. Scarlet Ribbons A,T,U BM
Delius, F. Cradle Song T OX
Dunhill, T. If I Ever Marry At All S ABI
Dunhill, T. If I’d Been Mrs. Noah S ABI
Fesche, D. Se Tu M’Ami (If Thou Lov’st Me) S (y) Useful Teaching Songs
Volume I
Forsyth, J. Lord’s Prayer, The O(y) 52 Sacred Songs GS
Foster, G. Open Thy Lattice, Love A,U (7) *
Foster, S. If You’ve Only Got A Moustache O (y) *
Foster, S. Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair T,B,U (y) *
Foster, S. Some Folks O (y) *
Franck, C. Panis Angelicus (O Lord Most Holy) O (y) *
Franz, R. Widmung (Dedication) O (y) *
Franz, R. Wisdom Of God O (y) CF
Frederickson, C. First Easter, The O (y) (26) ROW
Frederickson, C. God Walks With Me O (y) (26) ROW
Frederickson, C. Hosanna To The King O (y) (26) ROW
Frederickson, C. My Gratitude O (y) (26) ROW
Frederickson, C. Oh, You Of Little Faith O (y) (26) ROW
Frederickson, C. Take Thou My Love O (y) (26) ROW
Gaelic Folk Song Morning Has Broken O (y) (19) SBKS
German Folk Song
La Forge, F. (arranger)
Sandman, The S,M,A (y) WIT
Grieg, E. Gamle Mor (Mother) T,B,U, (y) WIT
Haydn, J. Equals B (12) *
Haydn, J. Equals S,T,U, (y) WIT
Haydn, J. In The Country O (y) WIT
Haydn, J. Serenade T,B (12) *
Haydn, J. Serenade O (y) Young Singer ROW
Haydn, J. To Friendship T,B (10) *
Head, M. Little Road To Bethlehem S,M (y) (10) BH
Head, W. Bird, A Lonely Butterfly, A O (y) (Choristers Guild Octavo) CG
Humperdinck, E. Evening Prayer S,U (y) SP
Humperdinck, E. Susy, Little Susy O (y) SP
Humphreys, D. Vocalitis S BMC
Irish Folk Song Down By The Salley Gardens T,B,U(y) (19) SBKS
Kountz, R. Prayer of Norwegian Child O GS
Lantz III, D. I Saw Two Clouds At Morning O (y) LORZ
Leyerle, A.(arranger) Shenandoah T,B (17) LEYE
Lovelace, A. Lovely House of God, The O (y) Choristers Guild, Octavo LORZ
Lully, J. Au Clair De La Lune A,B (10) *
MacGimsey Sweet Little Jesus Boy S CF
Martin, E. Come To The Fair S,M,A (y) BH
Mendelssohn, F. Evening Hymn O(y) SP
Mendelssohn, F.
Christy (arranger)
At Parting O (20) WCB
Moore, T. Bendemeer’s Stream O PRHA
Mozart, W. Longing for Spring O (y) WIT
Mozart, W. Lullaby T (7) *
Mozart, W. O Lamb of God O(y) LG
Mozart, W. Seasons, The O(y) Solos For The Church Year SP
Niles, J. Go Way From My Window A GS
Niles, J. Sweet Little Boy Jesus O(y) The Songs Of
John Jacob Niles
Old English Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes O (3,8) *
Old English What If A Day T *
Old French March Of The Kings (10) *
Old Irish Eileen Aroon (10) *
Old Welch All Through The Night A,B (3) *
Parker, A. Gift To Be Simple A,B HM
Purcell, H. Passing By T,B,U 1,3,7,8,9 *
Quilter, R. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes S,A,T Arnold Book Of Old Songs BH
Rosa, S. Vado Ben Spesso O (y) Song Anthology One LEYE
Schmidt, J. (arranger) All The Pretty Little Horses O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) All Through The Night O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Amazing Grace O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Deer Chase, The O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Down By The Salley Gardens O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Every Night When The Sun Goes In O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Get Up, Jack O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Morning Has Broken O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Riddle Song, The O (19) SBKS
Schmidt, J. (arranger) Simple Gifts O (19) SBKS
Schubert, F. Wanderling O(y) (25) SP
Schumann, R. Butterfly O(y) (25) SP
Scottish Folk Song Dream Angels O(y) BH
Shaw, M. Cuckoo S,A CURW
Thompson, R. My Master Hath A Garden O (y) ECS
Wagner, D. Light That Shines In Me O (y) HER
Weckerlin, J. Par Un Matin S,A,T Reliquary of English Songs GS
Wildman, W. Madrigal, A S AMP
Work, J. This Little Light O’ Mine A,B,M GMC