Treble Chorus Level 5

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Choral Forces



Albert Brightly the Sun is Speeding SSA Baroque BM
Anerio Happy The Lovers SSA Medieval BM
Anerio/Harris Cantate Domino (O Sing Unto the Lord) SSA Medieval PLY
Asola Deus Canticum Novum (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Bach Suscepit Israel SSA Baroque PLY
Bach/Cain My Heart Ever Faithful SSA Baroque CA
Bach/Clough-Leiter Suscepit Israel SSA Baroque ECSM
Bach/Davies We Hasten, O Jesu 2PT Baroque OX
Bach/Geer O Jesu Sweet SSAA Baroque CF
Baksa Songs of Autumn and Winter (sing any one) SSA 20th SP
Barber To Be Sung on the Water SSAA 20th GS
Bartok Spring SSA 20th BH
Beethoven/Geer Hallelujah (The Mount of Olives) SSAA Romantic ECSM
Berlioz Veni, Creator Spiritus SSA Romantic EBM
Borri/Boyd Domine Deus, Rex Coelestis SSA Baroque LG
Brahms Four Songs for Treble Voices (sing any one) SSAA Romantic SP
Brahms Four Songs for Women’s Chorus (sing nos. 1&2 or 3&4) SSA Romantic CFP
Brahms Three Love Songs SA Romantic ECSM
Bright Sacred Songs for the Night (sing no, 1, 2 or 4) SSA 20th BH
Britten Little Babe, The (A Ceremony of Carols) 3PT 20th BH
Britten Wolcom Yole! (A Ceremony of Carols) 20th
Butler Come At Dawn (Three Spanish Ballades) SSA 20th WBRO
Byrd/Barrie Nightingale, The SSA Medieval LG
Caccini Aure Volanti SSA Baroque BROU
Calvisius Musiken Klang (Music Resounds) SSA Medieval BM
Copland (arranger) I Bought Me A Cat SSA 20th BH
Creston Here Is Thy Footstool SSAA 20th GS
Dawson Ain’-A That Good News! SSAA Folk MPTI
DeBussy Salut Printemps SSAA 20th CFP
DeBussy We Sing To Spring SSA 20th HM
Dello Joio Holy Infant’s Lullaby, The SSA 20th EBM
DeMorales O Magnum Mysterium SSAA Medieval GS
DesPres Pleni Sunt Coeli (Pange Lingua)/Agnus Dei (De Beate Virgine) SA Medieval MM
Diemer Fragments From the Mass (sing no. 1&2 or 4&5) SSAA 20th EBM
Donati Non Vos Reliquam Orphanos (I Will Not Leave You Fatherless) SSA Medieval OX
Durufle Tota Pulchre Es SSA 20th DUR
Duson (arranger) Danny Boy SSAA Folk KJOS
Duson To Those Who See (sing one) SSAA 20th DEAN
Faure Tantum Ergo SSA Romantic BROU
Faure Tantum Ergo (Therefore We, Before Him Bending) 3PT Romantic ECSM
Fine Beautiful Soup (Alice In Wonderland) SSA 20th GS
Gawthrop There Is Sweet Music SSAA 20th SCHM
Genet Sederunt In Terra (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Goemanne Sanctus (Missa Hosanna) SSAA 20th MF
Gounod/Treharne O Divine Redeemer 3PT Romantic GS
Grieg/Ades Four Songs By Edvard Grieg (sing any one) SSAA Romantic SP
Handel Hallelujah SSA Baroque PLY
Handel O Happy Indeed SA Baroque NMP
Handel/Gibb Oh, Had I Jubal’s Lyre SSA Baroque GEN
Hassler/Woodworth Cantate Domino SSAA Medieval GSHL
Haydn Come, Children Praise Our Lord SSA Romantic GS
Haydn Kyrie SSA Romantic GS
Haydn Lamb of God 3PT Romantic MUS
Haydn/Treharne Heavens Are Telling, The (The Creation) 3PT Romantic GS
Hindemith Song of Music, A SSA 20th SCH
Kodaly (arranger) Christmas Carol, A SSA Folk OX
Kodaly Psalm 150 SSA 20th OX
Kodaly (arranger) Straw Guy, The SSAA Folk OX
Krenek In Paradisum SSA 20th BROU
Kubik Oh, Dear! What Can the Matter Be? SSA Folk GS
Land Rain, The SSAA 20th PLY
Lekburg Let All the World In Every Corner Sing SSAA 20th GS
Liszt Angels’ Chorus SSA Romantic MUS
Mendelssohn Laudate Pueri Dominum (Ye Sons of Israel , Praise the Lord) SSA Romantic GS
Mendelssohn Surrixit Pastor Bonus (A Good and Patient Shepherd) 4PT Romantic TET
Mendelssohn Veni, Domine (Lord, Descend To Us) SSA Romantic TET
Morales Domine Deus (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Morales/Greyson Puer Natus Est ( A Holy Child Is Born) SSA Medieval BOU
Mozart/Greene Lacrymosa (Requiem) 3PT Romantic ECSM
Mozart/Harris Agnus Dei (Coronation Mass) SSA Romantic LG
Nelson Autumn Night SSA 20th BH
Non Papa Egos Flos Campi (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Persichetti This is the Garden SSA 20th CF
Pfautsch Laughing Song SSAA 20th LG
Pinkham Memory, Hither Come SA 20th ECSM
Poulenc Ave Verum Corpus SSA 20th SAL
Purcell Sound the Trumpet SA Baroque LG
Rutter Shepherd’s Pipe Carol SSA 20th OX
Santa Cruz De Los Montes Y Los Valles SSAA 20th PEER
Schein Exult You Now, Raise to the Skies SSA Baroque BM
Schumann/Ades Three Songs by Robert Schumann (sing any one) SSAA Romantic SP
Washburn Tell My Ma (added 2011) SA WAL