Treble Chorus Level 4

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Choral Forces



Asola O Vos Omnes (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Bach Lord Bless You, The SA Baroque CPH
Baksa Songs Of Late Summer (sing one) SSA 20th SP
Barber Heaven – Haven (A Nun Takes The Veil) SSAA 20th GS
Bartok Enchanting Song SSA 20th BH
Bement (arranger) Let All Things Now Living SSA Folk ECSM
Biggs (arranger) Il Court, Le Furet (The Ferret of the Woods) SSA Folk TP
Binkerd Christ – Child, The SA 20th BH
Brahms Die Boten Der Liebe (The Heralds Of Love) SA Romantic NMP
Brahms In Stiller Nacht (In Still of Night) SSAA Romantic GS
Brahms/Gibb Within My Heart Breathes Music SSA Romantic BM
Britten Deo Gracias (A Ceremony of Carols) SSA 20th BH
Britten Psalm 150 SA 20th BH
Bruckner O How Blessed SSA Romantic CA
Bryan (arranger) Charlottown SSA Folk BM
Butler How Excellent Is Thy Name SSA 20th BOU
Butler Pavane for Spring SSA 20th HL
Casals Nigra Sum (I Am Black) SSA 20th TET
Center There Is No Rose SSA 20th RP
Clements There Is Sweet Music Here SSA 20th BM
Copland – Fine Ching-A-Ring Chaw SSAA Folk BH
Copland (arranger) I Bought Me a Cat SSA Folk BH
Copland/Swift Younger Generation SSA 20th BH
Cory – Metis I Left My Heart In San Francisco SSA Folk GMP
Cowell Spring At Summer’s End SSA 20th PEER
Dello Joio Christmas Carol, A SSA 20th EBM
Diemer Four Carols (sing nos. 1&3 or 2, or 4) SSA 20th EV
Dilworth, Rollo Every Time I Feel the Spirit (added 2012) Treble HL
Duson (arranger) Child in the Manger SSAA Folk HOPE
Duson Something Beyond SSA 20th DEAN
Ehret (arranger) Blind Man Stood on the Road and Cried, The SSA Folk MUS
Ehret (arranger) Sometimes I Fell Like A Motherless Child SSA Folk JS
Elgar Snow, The SSA Romantic NAT
Enders Russian Picnic SSA Folk GS or HL
Fine Father William (Alice In Wonderland) SSA 20th WBRO
Gabrieli/Kingsbury Ave Maria SSA Medieval ABI
Genet Recordare Domine (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Gimsey/Andrews Sweet Little Jesus Boy SSAA Folk CF
Goldsmith (arranger) Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair SSA Folk PLY
Guerrero O Lovely Catalina SSA Medieval LUD
Hairston (arranger) Elijah Rock SSA Folk BOU
Handel/Cramer Music, Spread Thy Voice Around (Solomon) SSA Baroque EBM
Handel/Hardwicke Sing Praise to the Lord (The King Shall Rejoice) SSA Baroque PLY
Harris Music, When Soft Voices Die SSAA 20th NMP
Haydn Magnificat SSA Romantic GS
Hilton If It Be Love To Sit And Mourn SSA Medieval BM
Hilton/Stoufer If It Be Love SSA Medieval NMP
Holst Swallow Leaves Her Nest, The SSA 20th CURW
Hovhaness Teach Me Thy Way SSA 20th ABI
Humperdinck Abendsegen SSA Romantic SCH
Josquin/Greyson Ave Verum (Hail, True Body) SSA Medieval BOU
Kodaly (arranger) See The Gypsies SSAA Folk OX
Koepke, A. Dance On My Heart (added 2011) SA SB
Krone (arranger) Ride the Chariot SSA Folk KJOS
Lassus Adoramus Te, Christe (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Lassus Adoramus Te, Christe SSA Medieval ECSM
Lassus In Pace (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Lassus Two Psalms SSA Medieval NMP
Lassus/Gore Echo Song SSA/SSA Medieval HF
LaMance (arranger) Lass From the Low Country, The SSA Folk LG
Liszt Tantum Ergo SSAA Romantic LG
Lotti/Ehret Agnus Dei (Mass in Bb) SSA Baroque TP
Lotti/Ehret Kyrie Eleison (Mass in Bb) SSA Baroque TP
Marcello O Lord, How Excellent Is Thy Name SSA Baroque HF
McCray There Is No Rose of Such Virtue SSA 20th NMP
McLaughlin Two Vignettes (sing both) SSA 20th BM
Mendelssohn/Barrie He Is the Tender Shepherd SSA Romantic LG
Mendelssohn He, Watching Over Israel (Elijah) SSA Romantic GS
Mendelssohn Herbstlied (Autumn Song) SA Romantic NMP
Mendelssohn Lift Thine Eyes (Elijah) SSA Romantic CD
Mendelssohn Lift Thine Eyes To the Mountains (Elijah) SSA Romantic CF
Mendelssohn Lift Thine Eyes To the Mountains (Elijah) SSA Romantic ECSM
Mendoza Sing A New Song SSAA 20th NMC
Monteverdi Ave Maria (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Monteverdi Hodie Christus Natus Est SSA Medieval BH
Monteverdi Lauda Sion (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Monteverdi Sacrae Canticulae SSA Medieval MM
Mozart/Hilton Bless the Lord For Ever and Ever SSA Romantic MM
Mozart/Lethbridge Laudate Dominum (Vesperae Solennes De Confessore) SSA Romantic OX
Nelhybel (arranger) When Love Is Kind SSA Folk JCM
Newbury Wisdom and Understanding SSA 20th HOPE
Oldham (arranger) Four Noels (sing no. 1 or 2) SSA Folk OX
Palestrina Domine Fili Unigenite (Missa Primi Toni) SSA Medieval BM
Peloquin Gloria (A La Samba) 2PT 20th GIA
Persichetti Dominic Has a Doll SA 20th EV
Persichetti Jimmie’s Got a Goil SA 20th GS
Praetorius Child Is Born In Behlehem, A 3PT Baroque GIA
Purcell/Ehret Sound the Trumpet (Praise the Father) SA Baroque EV
Purcell/Jacques Evening Rondeau SSA Baroque OX
Raminsh Psalm 23 SA 20th OX
Reichardt Sechs Geisliche Lieder (sing no. 4,5 & 6) SSA Romantic BROU
Rubinstein Sang Das Vogelein (Sang the Little Bird) SA Romantic NMP
Santa Cruz Toquen Arpas Y Guitarras (Play Your Harps) SSA 20th PEER
Schein Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser Gott SS Baroque ABI
Schein Once More the Flowers Bloom SSA Baroque BM
Schein Rejoice Now, Rejoice With Me! SSA Baroque BM
Schein Fear the Almighty 2PT Baroque CPH
Schubert Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus and Hosanna) SSA Romantic JS
Schubert Maying Song (sing no. 7, 8 or 9) SA Romantic CFP
Schuman Holiday Song SSA 20th GS
Schumann In Meinem Garten (In My Garden) SSA Romantic GS
Schumann Liebesgram (Love’s Sorrow) SA Romantic NMP
Schumann Von Dem Rosenbusch (From the Red Rose Bush) SA Romantic GS