Treble Chorus Level 3

Early One Morning



Choral Forces



Bacak (arranger)

Bach Denn Nas Gesetz from “Jesu, Meine Freund Treble Baroque NA
Bach With Loudest Rejoicing SA Baroque CPH
Bach/Davis Sheep May Safely Graze SSA Baroque GMC
Bach/Ehret Glory To God In the Highest SSA Romantic TET
Bach/Ehret Unto His Holy Name Sing Praises SSA Baroque EBM
Bach/Gordon To Spring SSA Baroque SKID
Bach/Hill Alleluia, O Come and Praise the Lord SA Baroque CG
Bach/Keating Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring SSA Baroque JS
Barthelson (arranger) Rock-a My Soul SSA Folk LG
Bartok Teasing Song SSA 20th BH
Bartok Three Hungarian Folk Songs (sing all three) SSA Folk BH
Berger Child’s Book of Beasts, A – Set 1 (sing any two) SA 20th JF
Berger Child’s Book of Beasts, A – Set 2 (sing any two) SA 20th JF
Bernon, A. Come In From the Firefly Darkness SSA HER
Brahms Am Strande (On the Shore) SA Romantic NMP
Brahms My Beloved SA Romantic ZIA
Brahms Weg Der Liebe (The Ways of Love) SA Romantic NMP
Braz Three Hebrew Psalms SSA 20th BM
Britten Balylow from “A Ceremony of Carols” Treble B&H
Britten Three Two-Part Songs (sing one) 2PT 20th OX
Butler My True Love Has My Heart SSA 20th HM
Byrd/Greyson Lullabye, My Sweet Little Baby SSA Medieval BOU
Carter My True Love Hath My Heart SA 20th DEAN
Casals Eucaristica (Deep In My Heart) SSA 20thTET
Charpentier Laudate Dominum (Psalm 116) SSA Baroque EBM
Cherubini Like As A Father 3PT Romantic SUBI
Cherubini/Harris Like As A Father SSA Romantic SUBI
Chicott (arranger) Mairi’s Wedding 3PT Mixed Folk HL
Clausen Psalm 100 SSA 20th MF
Coates (arranger) Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme SSA Folk SP
Constantini Confitemini Domino SSA Medieval PRO
Constantini Confitemini Domino (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Constantini Now With One Accord SSA Medieval MF
Copland/White At the River SSA Folk BH
DeCaesare (arranger) Song of the River SSA Folk LUD
DeCormier (arranger) Wayfaring Stranger SA Folk LG
Des Pres/McCray Agnus Dei SA Medieval MUS
di Lasso/Reutz My Heart Now Gives Itself 3PT Mixed Medieval BRIL
Dowland/Manney Come Again, Sweet Love SSA Medieval BM
East How Merrily We Live SSA Medieval SF
Eccard/Harris Now Come and Join the Song SSA Medieval GS
Ehret (arranger) When Christ Was Born of Mary Free SSA Folk PLY
Elgar/Ehret Snow, The SSA Romantic NMP
Este How Merrily We Live SSA Medieval ECSM
Farrant/Greyson Call To Remembrance SSA Medieval BOU
Faure Ave Maria SA SP
Faure Ave Verum SA Romantic ECSM
Faure Ave Verum SA Romantic TET
Faure Messe Basse (sing any one movement) 2PT Romantic TP
Faure arr Gallina Pie Jesu (added 2011) SATB Medieval SP
Feldon-Bunon, A Come in From the Firefly Darling 3PT Mixed 20th LOR
Field (arranger) Susanni SSA Folk TP
Fischer (arranger) Coffee Grows On White Oak Trees SSA 20th ROW
Frackenpohl Lovers Love the Spring SSA 20th EBM
Gallus Benedictus SSA Medieval AUG
Gibbs (arranger) Oak and the Ash, The SSA Folk OX
Hallstrom (arranger) Cherry Tree Carol, The SSA Folk SP
Hallstrom (arranger) Three Songs From Sweden SSA Folk SP
Handel O Lovely Peace, With Plenty Crown’d SA Baroque ECSM
Handel/Gibb Verdant Meadows SSA Baroque BM
Handel/Kirk Praise the King SA Baroque PRO
Handel/Porterfield Your Voices Tune SAB Baroque HER
Handel/Spevacek Sing for Joy 2PT Baroque HER
Handel/Wiley Come, Holy Light, Guide Divine SSA Baroque PRO
Hassler/Greyson Cantate Domino SSA Medieval BOU
Haydn Twenty Four Canons (sing any three) 2-5PT Romantic CFP
Haydn/Ehret Gloria In Excelsis SSA Romantic EAM
Hilton/Stouffer You Lovers That Have Loves Astray SSA Medieval NMP Ippolitoff-Ivanoff/Ehret Bless the Lord SSA Romantic JS
Kinsman (arranger) Now Let Me Fly SSA Folk CF
Knowles, J. Beautiful Savior(added 2012) Treble JEN
Kodaly Christmas Dance of the Shepherds SA 20th UE
Kodaly Ladybird SSA 20th BH
Kopylow/Wilhousky Heavenly Light SSA Romantic CF
Kreutz Who Has Seen the Wind? SA 20th KJOS
Lalloquette O Sacrum Convivium SA Baroque MCAF
Lassus Serve Bone SA Medieval MF
Lassus/Avalos Adoramus Te SSA Medieval PRO
Leavitt, J. Festival Sanctus 2PT 20th WBRO
Lotti/Ehret-Wilson Miserere Mie (Grant Us Thy Mercy) SSA Baroque BH
Lotti/Greyson Vere Languores Nostros (He Bears Our Burdens) SSA Baroque BOU
MacGillivray/Calvert Song for the Mira SA Folk OX
MacGillivray arr. Calvert Song for the Mira (added 2012) Treble Medieval GTM
MacLeod/Wagner Over the Sea to Skye SSA Folk SP
Marcello And With Songs I Will Celebrate SA Baroque CPH
Martini Two Motets (sing one) SSA Romantic SP
McKelvy (arranger) Steal Away SSA/SSA Folk MF
Mendelssohn Across the Sea SA Romantic GEN
Mendelssohn Maiglocken Und Die Blumelein
(The Maybell and the Flowers) SA Romantic NMP
Mendelssohn So Far Away SA Romantic GEN
Morley I Go Before, My Charmer SA Medieval ECSM
Morley Though Philomela Lost Her Love SSA Medieval GMC
Morely/Greyson I Go Before, My Charmer SA Medieval BOU
Morley/Robinson Fire, Fire 3PT Mixed Medieval ALF
Mozart/Ehret Ave Verum Corpus SSA Romantic SF
Mozart/Liebergen Dies Irae from Requiem SAB Romantic ALF
Mozart/Richardson Gloria (First Mass in C) SSA Romantic PLY
PMEA Selective Music List
Treble Chorus Level 3
Composer/Arranger Title Choral Forces Category Pub.

Mozart/Track Spring SSA Romantic EV
Nelson (arranger) Lovely Jimmie SSA Folk RP
Oldham (arranger) Four Noels (sing 3 or 4) SSA Folk OX
Nelson (arranger) Three Mountain Ballads (sing no. 1 & 2 or 3) SSA Folk EV
Paget Adam and the Apple 3PT 20th GS
Palestrina Jesu Rex Admirabilis (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Palestrina Tua Jesu Dilectio (7th Chester Book of Motets) SSA Medieval JWC
Patterson, M. Laudate SAB 20th SP
Pergolesi Wash Me, O Lord God SA Baroque EV
Persichetti Maggy and Milly and Molly and May SA 20th EV
Persichetti Nouns to Nouns SA 20th EV
Persichetti Sam Was a Man SA 20th GS
Perti Gloria in Excelsis SA Baroque LG
Pierce Gloria In Excelsis Deo SA 20th PLY
Pinkham Five Canzonets (sing any two) SA 20th AMP
Pitoni/Greyson Cantate Domino SSA Baroque BOU
Praetorius/Greyson Psallite (Now We Sing!) SSA Medieval BOU
Purcell/Davis Rejoice In the Lord Always SSA Baroque ECSM
Purcell/Goldsbrough Trumpet Song, A 2PT Baroque OX
Purcell/Jacques Two Purcell Songs (sing one) SSA Baroque OX
Purcell/Rodby Thy Spirit Ascending SA Baroque PLY
Quilter Non Nobis, Domine SSA 20th BH
Reger/Beckers Virgin’s Slumber Song, The SSA 20th AMP
Regnart/Snyder Domine Deus SAB 20th BM
Rein Lamb of God SA Medieval EAM
Roff Four Haiku on the Inland Sea SSA 20th ALF
Rutter Donkey Carol SA 20th OX
Rutter For the Beauty of the Earth SA 20th HM
Rutter (arranger) Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day SSA Folk OX
Saint-Saens/Ehret Praise Ye the Lord SSA Romantic BH
Schein Fresh Is the Maytime SSA Baroque BM
Schubert/Robinson Kyrie SAB Romantic WBRO
Schumann An Die Nachtigall (To the Nightengale) SA Romantic NMP
PMEA Selective Music List
Treble Chorus Level 3
Composer/Arranger Title Choral Forces Category Pub.

Schumann Herbstlied (Autumn Song) SA Romantic NMP
Schumann Wenn Ich Voglein War (Were I a Little Bird) SA Romantic NMP
Schumann Were I a Tiny Bird SA Romantic NMP
Schutz Give to Jehovah S Baroque ECSM
Schutz/McAfee Hear Me, O Lord 2PT Baroque MCAF
Seiber Three Hungarian Folk Songs (sing all three) SA Folk CURW
Shaw With a Voice of Singing SSA 20th GS
Sheppard-Niles (arranger) Lass from the Low Countree, The SSA Folk GS
Thoburn (arranger) Scarborough Fair SSA Folk MF