Treble Chorus Level 2




Choral Forces



Agazzari Congratulamini Mihi, Omnes (Come Celebrate With Me) SS Baroque CPH
Agazzari Congratulamini Mihi, Omnes (Come Celebrate With Me) SS Baroque CPH
Albrecht (arranger) Sit Down 3PT Mixed Folk ALF
Althouse, J. Cantar SAB 20th ALF
Althouse, J. Gloria Dio SAB 20th ALF
Althouse, J. Shenandoah SA   ALF
Arne/Greyson Which Is The Prosperest Day SSA Baroque BOU
Bach/Davis Sheep May Safely Graze SA Baroque GMC
Bach/Gordon To Spring SA Baroque SKID
Bach/James Flocks In Pastures Green Abiding UNISON Baroque OX
Bach/Treharne Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring SSA Baroque GS
Bartok/Suchoff Two Bartok Songs (sing both) 2PT 20th PLY
Benoy Two Rounds for Voices (sing both) 2-4PT 20th OX
Berg, K. Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel SA   HL
Berger Child’s Book of Beasts, A – Set I (sing any one) SA 20th JF
Berger Child’s Book of Beasts, A – Set I (sing any one) SA 20th JF
Berk Alleluia Is Our Song SA   HWG
Berk O Praise the Lord SA 20th PLY
Besig/Price A Kyrie for Our Time 2PT 20th SP
Besig (arranger) Good News, Chariot’s A-Comin’ 2PT Folk SP
Boda Before the Paling of the Stars SA   CPH
Bortniansky/Davis Lo, A Voice To Heaven Sounding SA Romantic ECSM
Boyce/Kirk Alleluia 2PT Baroque PRO
Boyce/Kirk Alleluia SSA Baroque PRO
Brahms Sleep, Gently Sleep 2PT Romantic JEN
Brahms Volkskinderlieder (sing any three) UNISON Romantic CFP
Brahms/Ehret Three Folk Songs (sing any two) SSA Romantic EBM
Britten Fancie UNISON 20th BH
Britten Old Abram Brown SSAA 20th BH
Butler Come Away With Me SA   RMP
Butler Sing Softly, World 2PT 20th CF
Buttolf (arranger) He Is Born, The Beloved Child SSA Folk GMC
Buxtehude Christmas Canon, A SSA Baroque CPH
Carter Will You Walk a Little Faster 2PT 20th BM
Charpentier/McCray O Thou Good and Faithful Servant SA Baroque MF
Cherubini/Ehret Come, O Jesus, Come To Me SSA Romantic PLY
Christiansen Who Has Seen the Wind SSA 20th SCHM
Cohon/Chass Hanerot Halalu SA Folk MF
Copland Simple Gifts SA Folk BH
Copland/White At the River SA Folk BH
Davis (arranger) Wassail Song SSA Folk ECSM
Davis (arranger) Wayfaring Stranger SA Folk HF
De Cormier (arranger) Ol’ Dan Tucker SA Folk LG
DeLalande/Hines I Will Praise Thee, O Lord SA Baroque EV
Dilworth, R. Everlasting Melody SATB (divi)   HL
Donato/Spevacek-Aver All Ye Who Love Music 3PT Mixed 20th HER
Donnelly/Strid I Gave My Love A Red, Red, Rose 3PT Mixed 20th HL
Dufay Gloria Ad Modum Tubae SA Medieval PLY
Duson And You Are Not Alone SA 20th KJOS
Dvorak Dyby Byla Kosa Nabrosena (If There Were a Sharpened Scythe) SA Romantic NMP
Dvorak Velet, Vtacku (Fly, My Little Bird) SA Romantic NMP
Ehret (arranger) Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child SA Folk JS
Ehret (arranger) Wayfaring Stranger 2PT Folk EAM
Estes, J. Single Voice, Solitary Flame SA   SP
Feldman, M. River in Judea SA   SP
Foster/Bacak Glendy Burke, The 2PT 20th JEN
Foster/Krone-Krone Some Folks 2PT Folk KJOS
Frackenpohl Be Like the Bird SA 20th KJOS
Gibbons/Ehret Silver Swan, The SSA Medieval NMP
Gilpin, G. Gloria Tibi Domine 2PT 20th SP
Grandi Peace Today Descends From Heaven SA Baroque MF
Hall (arranger) I Know Where I’m Goin’ SA Folk NMP
Hammerschmidt Let the People Praise Thee, O God UNISON Baroque CPH
Handel/Gibb Verdant Meadows SA Baroque BM
Handel/Hopson Come, Jesus, Holy Son of God SA Baroque HF
Handel/Kirk All Glory Be To Thee 2PT Baroque PRO
Handel/Wiley Brotherhood of Man, The 2PT Baroque PRO
Handel/Wiley Come, Holy Light, Guide Divine 2PT Baroque PRO
Hassler/Greyson My Heart With Love Is Springing SSA Medieval BOU
Haydn/Forsythe Sing to the Lord On High 2PT Romantic TP
Haydn, Dave & Jean Perry Alleluia Canon SA?   Bri Lee
Haydn/Perry Heavens are Telling, The SA Romantic BM
Hruby (arranger) Keeper, The 2PT Folk MF
Jungst (arranger) While By My Sheep SA Folk PLY
Kabslevsky/Heiberg One Fine Morning 2PT 20th MCA
Kay Miller’s Song, The SSA 20th PEM
Kirk (arranger) Little Wheel A-Turnin’ SA Folk PRO
Kjelson (arranger) Gute Nacht 2PT Folk FP
Kjelson (arranger) I Walk the Unfrequented Road SA Folk BM
Kjelson (arranger) I’m Goin’ to Sing SA Folk BM
Kountz Hasten Swiftly, Hasten Softly SSA Folk GMC
Kountz Palmer (arranger) Rise Up Early SA Folk GMC
Leavitt (arranger) Old Dan Tucker 2PT Folk HL
Lewis (arranger) Charlottetown Is Burning Down SA Folk PLY
Lully, J.B. O Come Sing Together SA   CF
MacDowell/Tappan Two MacDowell Songs 2PT Romantic KM
Marcello O Lord, Deliver Me SA Baroque CPH
Marcello Give Ear Unto Me SS Baroque HWG
Marcello Give Ear Unto Me SS Baroque NOV
Marcello Oh, Hold Thou Me Up SA Baroque CPH
Martini/Greyson Come, Sing This Round With Me SSA Romantic BOU
McCray Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One SSA 20th NMP
McLeod/Eilers Over the Sea to Skye 2PT 20th JEN
Mendelssohn Evening Song SA Romantic GEN
Miller (arranger) Sow Took the Measles, The 2PT Folk HL
Moore, D. Joyful Madrigal SA   ALF
Morley, Thomas/Drayton, Michael Sing We and Chant It SA?   ALF
Mozart/Ehret Ave Verum (Jesu, Word of God Incarnate) SA Romantic BOU
Mozart/Hardwicke Holy, Holy, Holy SSA Romantic PLY
Nelson Moon Does Not Sleep, The 2PT 20th BH
Owen (arranger) All the Pretty Little Horses SSA Folk TP
Pablo (arranger) Hasten Shepherds On 2PT Folk FP
Palestrina/Greyson Gloria Patri SSA/SSA Medieval BOU
Palestrina/Tolmage Three Palestrina Chorals 2-PT Medieval STAF
Palmer (arranger) Scarborough Fair SA Folk ALF
Patterson, M. Laudate 3PT Mixed 20th SP
Petker, A. R. Come to Me, O My Love SAB 20th HM
Pfautsch When Christ Was Born SA 20th WYNN
Pierce Dance of the One-Legged Sailor SA 20th PLY
Praetorius/Hilton God’s Son This Day To Us Is Born SA Baroque MM
Printz (arranger) Ahrirang 2PT-3PT Folk HER
Purcell/Kirk Shepherds, Tune Your Pipes 2PT Baroque PRO
Raminsh Psalm 121 SA 20th OX
Reger/Vene Virgin’s Slumber Song, The SA 20th AMP
Rinker Where Go the Boats? 2PT 20th MCA
Roff (arranger) Three Maori Songs 2PT Folk CF
Roff (arranger) Three Russian Folk Songs 2PT Folk CF
Schubert/Harris Trout, The 2PT Romantic JEN
Schubert/Tappan Two Schubert Songs 2PT Romantic KM
Schumann Autumn Songs SA Romantic MF
Schumann/Bartok/Suchoff Two Thoughts or Children’s Chorus SA Romantic ALF
Schumann-Bartok Two Thoughts for Children’s Chorus (sing both) SA 20th PLY
Schumann-Bartok/Suchoff Two Thoughts for Children’s Chorus SA 20th ALF
Schutz Blessed Is He Who Walks Not In the Path of the Wicked SA Baroque CPH
Sibelius/LeFebvre Onward, Ye Peoples! 2PT Romantic GMC
Spevacek-Avery (arranger) Hi! Ho! The Rattlin’ Bog 3PT Mixed Folk HER
Webb, Joy Hand Me Down My Silver Trumpet SA?   Hinshaw