Treble Chorus Level 1



Choral Forces



Artman (arranger) Christmas Comes Anew 2PT Folk HL
Bach Come, Together Let Us Sing UNISON Baroque ECSM
Bach/Artman Alleluia 2PT Baroque HL
Bach/Carlton Now Thank We All Our God 2PT Baroque TP
Bach/Ehret Blessing, Glory and Wisdom 2PT Baroque EV
Bach/Wagner O, My Savior UNISON Baroque GIA
Bart/Metis Choral Selections from “Oliver” Set I (sing one) SA Folk TRO
Bart/Metis Choral Selections from “Oliver” Set II (sing one) SA Folk TRO
Bart/Metis Choral Selections from “Oliver” Set III (sing one) SA Folk TRO
Billings When Jesus Wept 4PT Romantic GS
Boyce/Wagner Praise the Lord, Alleluia! 3PT Romantic TP
Brahms Three Folk Songs (sing any two) SA Romantic EBM
Brahms/Ehret Little Sandman, The SA Romantic
JS Brahms/Land Prayer 2PT Romantic PLY
Britten Jazz-Man UNISON 20th BH
Britten Night Song, The 4PT 20th BH
Cherubini/Ehret Come, O Jesus, Come To Me SA Romantic PLY
Cockshott (arranger) Two Old French Carols (sing one) UNISON Folk RP
Copley Where To the Boats? SA 20th SP
Cowan/Wood Waltzing Matilda SA Folk OX
Davis (arranger) Carol of the Drum SA Folk BM
Decius/Pooler Lamb of God SA Folk AUG
Dvorak/Hopson Lord, I Sing a Song of Joy UNISON Romantic MCAF
Ehret (arranger) As Joseph Was a Walking SA Folk TP
Ehret (arranger) Jesus Holy, Born So Lowly SA Folk TP
Ehret (arranger) O Thou Heaven-Sent Child SA Folk EV
Finzi Dancing On the Hilltops UNISON 20th BH
Finzi Ferry Me Across the Water UNISON 20th BH
Finzi Lily Has a Smooth Stalk, The UNISON 20th BH
Finzi Margaret Has a Milking Pail UNISON 20th BH
Grieg/Platt-Lewis Boat Song SA Romantic PLY
Handel/Platt Verdant Meadows SA Baroque PLY
Handel/Shaw Thanks Be To Thee SA Baroque PLY
Hanson Sail-Sail Thy Best, Ship of Democracy UNISON 20th CF
Hardwicke (arranger) Hail the Tidings SA Folk TP
Haydn/Hopson Sound the Trumpet! Praise Him! SA Romantic TP
Hodkinson All the Pretty Little Horses 3PT 20th MMI
Holst (arranger) Christmas Song UNISON 20th GS
Humperdinck/Treharne Prayer From Hansel and Gretel 2PT Romantic GS
Hunnicutt Clap Your Hands, All Ye Children UNISON 20th AUG
Ives Christmas Carol, A UNISON 20th MMI
Jenkyns Crocodile, The UNISON 20th NOV
Jenkyns Snakes UNISON 20th E&C
Jenkyns Tiger, The UNISON 20th E&C
Jennings (arranger) Oh, How Beautiful the Sky UNISON Folk AUG
Knowles (arranger) King of Love, The 3PT Folk JEN
Lee (arranger) Japanese Christmas Carol UNISON Folk HWG
Lenel (arranger) Loving Shepherd of the Sheep 2PT Folk CPH
Mendelssohn/Dunsmore Almighty God, Grant Us Thy Peace SA Romantic TP
Nelhybel Never Alone Again SA 20th JCM
Newbury (arranger) Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley SA Folk TP
Palmer (arranger) Eddystone Light, The UNISON Folk ALF
Paulus Silver the River 2PT 20th EAM
Peery (arranger) Beautiful Saviour 2PT Folk TP
Pfautsch (arranger) Lord Is My Shepherd, The 2PT 20th SUBI
Pinkham Evergreen UNISON 20th ECSM
Rameau Wake, O Shepherds UNISON Baroque AUG
Rhein (arranger) Baloo, Baloo 2PT Folk GS
Riley (arranger) Keep Your Hand On the Plow 2PT Folk KM
Rutter All Things Bright and Beautiful 2PT 20th HM
Rutter/Pont Star Carol UNISON 20th OX
Schop/Ramseth Spirit Boundless UNISON Folk AUG
Smith Fear Not Good Shepherds 3PT 20th GS
Tucker, Judith Cook Yonder Come Day SA? WMP