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Ahrold Bells, The SATB 20th JF
Anerio, F. Christus Factus Est (Jesus, Who For Our Salvation) SATB Medieval GS
Bach, J.S. All Men Shall Honor Thee, Hallelujah (Magnificat: Sicut) SSATB Baroque TP
Bach, J.S. Alleluia! O Praise the Lord Most Holy SATB Baroque CPH
Baksa, R. Lobster Quadrille, The (Three Alice In Wonderland Choruses) SATB 20th TP
Balakireff O Send Thy Light Forth SATB Medieval JF
Barber, S. Sure On This Shining Night SATB 20th GS
Berlioz, H. Thou Must Leave Thy Lowly Dwelling (Childhood of Christ) SATB Romantic HWG
Berlioz, H. Thou Must Leave Thy Lowly Dwelling (L’Enfance Du Christ) SATB Romantic NOV
Brahms, J. Magdalena SATB Romantic GS
Brahms, J O Susser Mai! (O Lovely May) SATB(B) Romantic ECSM
Brahms, J. O Susser Mai! (O Lovely May) SATB(B) Romantic TP
Brahms, J. White Dove, The SATB Romantic BH
Brahms, J. White Dove, The SATB Medieval BM
Brahms, J./Gibb Within My Heart Breathes SATB Medieval BM
Brahms, J. Wondrous Cool, Thou Woodland Quiet SATB Romantic GS
Bright, H. Rainsong SSAATBB 20th AMP
Britten, B. Evening Primrose, The (Five Flower Songs, No. 4) SATB 20th BH
Britten, B. There Is No Rose (Ceremony of Carols) SSATB 20th BH
Britten, B. This Little Babe (Ceremony of Carols) SATB 20th BH
Britten, B. Time and Concord (Choral Dances from Gloriana #3) SATB 20th BH
Burleigh, J. (arranger) Deep River SATB Folk BM
Butler An Ascription of Praise SATB 20th BM
Butler, E. Sing to the Lord a Marvelous Song (added 2011) SATB   HOPE
Buxtehude, D. Liebster Herr Jesus (Blessed Lord Jesus) SSATB Baroque EBM
Cara, M. Forsi Che Si (Will It Be Yes?) SATB Medieval EAM
Clements, J. Flower of Beauty SATB 20th GMC
Copland, A – Fine, I. Boatman’s Dance (Minstrel Song) SATB Folk BH
Coleman/Leavitt Colors of My Life, The SATB 20th BM
Croce, G. Tristis Est Anima Mea (Sad is My Soul Unto Death)[Two Motets] SATB Medieval SP
Dawson, W. (arranger) Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit SATB Folk MPTI
Dawson, W. (arranger) Soon-Ah Will Be Done SATB Folk MPTI
DeCormier Duerme Negrito SATB 20th LG
Dennard Hush Somebody SATB Folk SP
Dett, N Listen to the Lambs SATB Folk GS
Dickau, David Stars I Shall Find (added 2012) SATB   WAL
Dieterich, M. Kyrie Eleison SATB 20th BH
di Lasso, O. Adoramus Te SATB Medieval MM
di Lasso, O. Jubilate Deo SATB Medieval MM
di Lasso, O. Jubilate Deo (Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord) SATB Medieval BH
di Lasso, O. O La, O Che Buon Eco! (Hola! Hear That Fine Echo!)(Echo Song) SATB – SATB Medieval ECSM
di Lasso, O. OLA! O Che Bon Eccho! (Echo Song) SATB – SATB Medieval GS
di Lasso, O. Tutto Lo Di Mi Dici Canta (in English) (added 2011) SATB Medieval  
Distler, H. For God So Loved the World SAB 20th CPH
Distler, H. Lo! How a Rose E’er Blooming (Christmas Story) SATB 20th CPH
Durufle, M. Notre Pere (The Lord’s Prayer) SATB 20th DUR
Dvorak, A. Songs of Nature (V Prirode) (Numbers 1,3 or 4) SATB Romantic BROU
Ellington, D./Rutherford Mood Indigo SATB 20th BM
Fine, I. Father William (Alice In Wonderland) SATB 20th WBRO
Finzi, G. My Spirit Sang All Day SATB 20th OX
Fleming, L.L. (arranger) Give Me Jesus (Three About Jesus) SATB Folk AUG
Franck, C. Psalm 150 SATB Romantic BM
Gardner, J. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day SATB 20th OX
Galbreath, K. Psalm103 SATB 20th ALF
Gawthrop, Daniel Sing Me to Heaven (added 2012) SATB   Dunstan
Geisler, J. Wohl Den Menshen (Blessed The People) SSAB Romantic BH
Gerrish, J. Falcon SATB 20th AMP
Gibbons, O. Silver Swan SATTB Medieval GS
Gibbons, O. Silver Swan SSATB Medieval NOV
Hammerschmidt, A. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates SSATBB Baroque TP
Hammerschmidt, A. O Ihr Lieben Hirten (O Beloved Shepherds) SATB Baroque CPH
Handel, G.F. Glory to God (Messiah) SATB Baroque GS
Handel, G.F. Ritorni Omai Nel Nostro Core (To All Our Hearts)(Julius Caesar) SATB Baroque BM
Handel, G.F. Swell the Full Chorus (Solomon) SATB Baroque GMC
Handel, G.F. Your Voices Tune (Alexander’s Feast) SATB Baroque BM
Hassler, H. Cantate Domino (O Sing unto the Lord) SATB Medieval ECSM
Hassler, H. Cantate Domino (Sing Ye Unto the Lord) SATB Medieval ECSM
Hassler, H. Nun Fanget An (Now Let Us Lift Our Youthful Voices) SATB Medieval CF
Hassler, H. Sanctus and Benedictus (Missa Secunda) SATB Medieval SP
Hatfield, S. Family Tree (added 2011) SATB   BH
Haydn, F.J. Agnus Dei (Missa Brevis St. Joannis De Deo) SATB Romantic MF
Haydn, J. Evening Song to God SATB Medieval BM
Haydn, F.J. Sing Praise To God With One Accord SATB Romantic CD
Haydn, M. Tenebrae Factae Sunt (In the Darkness of Night) SATB Romantic EAM
Hayes (arranger) Home on the Range SATB Folk HM
Hennagin, M. Walking On the Green Grass SATTBB 20th BH
Holst, G. Ave Maria SSAASSA 20th BM
Holst, G. Turn Back O Man SATB 20th GMC
Hovhaness, A. Why Hast Thou Cast Us Off? SATB 20th AMP
Janacek, L. Suscepimus, Deus (We Take Up, O Father) SATB 20th UE
Janequin, C. Au Joly Jeu SATB Medieval SAL
Janequin, C. Petite Nymph Folastre (Nymphette, So Dashing and Appealing) SATB Medieval GS
Johnson, H. Ain’t Got Time To Die SSAATTBB Folk GS
Jomelli, N. O Vos Omnes (O Ye People Who Pass By) SATB Baroque BM
Kidd Wind Song SSA 20th BH
Kirk, T. It Was a Lover and His Lass SATB 20th SP
Kopkas/Robinson Sudden Light SSA 20th BM
Kraehenbuehl, D. Ideo Gloria In Excelsis Deo (Four Christmas Choruses) SSATB Folk AMP
Kuhnau, J. (formerly J.S. Bach) Uns Ist Ein Kind Geboren (For Unto Us A Child is Born) [Movement 2] SATB Baroque GMC
Lauridsen, M. Dirait-On SATB?   PEER
Leavitt David Play On Your SATB Folk BM
Lebo, M. One By One SATB?   HL
Lekberg, S. Alleluia SSATB 20th BROU
Lewandowski, L. Halalujoh, Halalu El B’Kod’sho (Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord) SATB 20th GS
Loomer (arranger) Soon-Ah Will Be Done SATB Folk MUS
Marenzio, L. O Rex Gloriae SATB Medieval OX
Martin, J. Come to the Music SATB?   SP
Mathis, W. Make A Joyful Noise Unto the Lord (Jubilate Deo) SATB 20th OX
Mechem, K Loveliest of Trees (Five Centuries of Spring) SATB 20th MM
Mendelssohn, F. How Lovely are the Messengers (St. Paul) SATB Romantic ECSM
Mendelssohn, F. How Lovely are the Messengers (St. Paul) SATB Romantic CD
Mendelssohn, F. How Lovely are the Messengers (St. Paul) SATB Romantic GS
Miller Oh Susanna SATB Folk AMP
Mendelssohn, F. Lob des Fruhlings (In Praise of Spring) SATB Romantic  
Monhardt, M. Let the People Praise Thee SATB 20th AUG
Monteverdi/Malin La Piaga C’Ho Nel Core SSATB Medieval BM
Morley, T. Three Renaissance Pieces SSA Medieval SP
Morley, T. April Is In My Mistress’ Face SATB Medieval ECSM
Mozart, W. Gloria (12th Mass) SATB Romantic BM
Mozart, W. Lacrymosa (Day of Mourning)(Requiem) SATB Romantic SP
Mozart, W. Lacrymosa (Day of Sadness)(Requiem) SATB Romantic GS
Mozart, W. Sanctus (Holy)(Missa Brevis in D) SATB Romantic EBM
Mozart, W. Sanctus and Hosanna (Mass in C, K258)(Holy, Holy, Holy) SACB Romantic EAM
Mulholland, J. I Could Not Let You Go SATB?   Colla Voce
Nelson, R. Fanfare for a Festival (All Praise to Music!) SSAATTBB 20th BH
Nystedt, K. Cry Out and Shout SSATTB 20th SUBI
Offenbach, J. Neighbors’ Chorus (La Jolie Parfumeuse) SATB Romantic BROU
Pachelbel, J. On God, and Not On Human Trust SATB Baroque CPH
Palestrina, G. Alma Redemptoris Mater (Bow Down Thine Ear, O Lord) SATB Medieval GS
Pergolesi, G. Glory to God in the Highest SATB Baroque BM
Pergolesi, G. Glory to God in the Highest SATB Baroque CD
Pergolesi, G. Glory to God in the Highest (The Angel’s Song) SATB Baroque GS
Praetorius En Natus Est Emmanuel SATB Medieval BM
Praetorius, M In Dilci Jubilo (In Sweetest Jubilee) (Musae Sioniae II) SATB Baroque KING
Purcell, H. Queen Mary’s Birthday Ode (Two choruses count as one) SATB Baroque EBM
Rachmaninoff, S. Ave Maria (Hail, O Mother Mary) SATB Romantic CD
Rachmaninoff, S. Ave Maria (Holy Father, Almighty) SAATB(B) Romantic EBM
Rachmaninoff, S./Douglas Gladsome Radiance SATB 20th BM
Raminsh Firefly Song SSAA 20th BH
Ripplinger He’s Gone Away SSATBB Folk SP
Rossi, S. Bareku (added 2011) SATB   Public Domain
Rutter, J. Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind (When Icicles Hang) SSATB 20th OX
Rutter, J. (arranger) O Waly, Waly (The Water is Wide) SATBB Folk OX
Schubert, F. Kyrie (Mass in G) SATB Romantic EBM
Schubert, F. Tantum Ergo in E Flat SATB Romantic GS
Schuman, W. Holiday Song SATB 20th GS
Smith, W.H.(arranger) Ride the Chariot SATB Folk KJOS
Spencer, W. At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners SATB 20th SP
Stravinski, I. Ave Maria SATB 20th BH
Tallis, T. O Nata Lux De Lumine SATTB Medieval OX
Tallis, T. O Nata Lux De Lumine (O Shining Light of Radiant Flame) SATBB Medieval GS
Thomas, A. Deep River SATB?   HER
Thomas, A. (arranger) Drinking Gourd, The SATB Folk HER
Thompson, R. Choose Something like a Star (Frostiana) SATB 20th ECSM
Thompson, R. Paper Reeds By the Brooks, The (Peacable Kingdom) SATB 20th ECSM
Titcomb Behold Now, Praise the Lord SATB Romantic BM
Tschesnokoff, P./ Becker Salvation is Created SATTBB   GIA
Vaughan Williams, R. Just as the Tide was Flowing SATB Folk GMC
Vaughan Williams, R. – Somervell Linden Lea SATB Folk BH
Vaughan Williams, R. Fain Would I Change That SATB 20th BM
Verdi VA Pensiero (added 2011) SATB   ALF
Viadana /Sateren Exultate Justi SATB Baroque CPH
Vittoria, T. Jesu Dulcis Memoria SATB Medieval BM
Vittoria, T. Jesu Dulcis Memoria (Jesu, Thoughts of Thee) SATB Medieval ECSM
Weatherly, R. – Salter, S. Danny Boy SATB Folk BH
Weelkes Hark All Ye Lovely Saints SSAB Medieval BM
Whitacre, Eric I Hide Myself (added 2012) SSAATTBB   SB
Wilberg (arranger) My Love’s In Germany SATB Folk HM
Willan, H. Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One SATB 20th OX