Mixed Chorus Level 3

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Anon Sumer is Icumen In (added 2011) SATB   Public Domain
Bach, J.S. Ich Steh An Deiner Krippen Hier (Beside Thy Cradle) (Chr. Orat.) SATB Baroque ECSM
Bach, J.S. Sing Praise to Christ SATB Baroque CPH
Bach, J.S./Artman My Heart is Filled With Music SA Baroque HL
Bach, J.S./Dickinson Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring SSA Baroque COR
Bach, J.S./Harris Et Exultant Spiritus Meus SSA Baroque BM
Badarak, M.L. Falcon SAB 20th GS
Bartok, B. Three Hungarian Folk Songs SATB 20th BH
Berger, J. Create In Me a Clean Heart SATB 20th BM
Berger, J. Ein Blumlein Wenn’s Die Sonne (A Rose Touched By the Sun) SATB 20th AUG
Berger, J. Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, The SATB 20th AUG
Berger, J. It’s Not Fair SSA 20th TP
Bertaux Drunken Sailor 5 PTS Folk BH
Bertaux Holly and the Ivy, The SSA Folk BH
Bertaux To Music SSA Folk BH
Billings, W. David’s Lamentation SATB Romantic CF
Bortniansky, D. Cherubim Song, No. 7 S(S)ATB Romantic KJOS
Bortniansky, D/Tchaikovsky Cherubim Song, No. 7 S(S)ATB Romantic CF
Brahms, J. Awake, Awake! SATB Romantic EBM
Brahms, J. House Stands ‘Neath the Willows Shade, A SATB Romantic EBM
Brahms, J. Von Edler Art (Noble Thou Art) SATB Romantic GS
Bray When Blackberries Come Again SATB 20th BH
Buck, D. O How Amiable SATB Romantic BM
Butler, E. Blessed Is the Man SACB 20th CAMB
Butler, E. Give Me the Silent Splendid Sun SATB?   HIN
Butler, E. Sing Aloud to God, Our Strength SATB 20th GMC
Byrd, W. I Have Longed For Thy Saving Health SATB Medieval HWG
Byrd, W. Non Nobis, Domine SSA Medieval HM
Christiansen (arranger) I Believe SATB Folk CUR
Christiansen (arranger) Wondrous Love SATB Folk AUG
Clausen, R. (arranger) Thank the Lord SATB Folk MF
Coates, J. (arranger) Bringing in the Sheaves SATB Folk SP
Collins, D. (arranger) Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen SACB Folk CAMB
Copland, A./Wilding-White At the River SATB Folk BH
Copland, A./Fine, I. Ching-A-Ring Chaw SATB Folk BH
Costantini, A. Confitemini Domino (Now With One Accord) SAB Medieval MF
Croce, G. In Monte Oliveti (Upon the Mount of Olives) SATB Medieval SP
Croce, G. O Vos Omnes (Ye Who Pass By) SATB Medieval BM
Croce, G. O Vos Omnes (You that Pass By) SATB Medieval SP
Croce, G./Kjelson O Vos Omnes SATB Medieval BM
Crocker A Jubilant Psalm SATB 20th JEN
Czech Canon/Rao Friendship Song SSAA Folk BH
Dalglish Bye Oh Baby SA Folk BH
Davis, K. Glory Be to God On High SAB 20th HF
Da Vittoria/Vene Benedictus SSA Medieval BM
Dawson, W. (arranger) There is a Balm in Gilead SATB Folk KJOS
DeBussy, C. Noel Des Enfants SA 20th DUR
De Lassus, O Musica Dei Donum Optimi SSA Medieval BH
Dello Joio, N. Christmas Carol SATB 20th EBM
Dering, R. Cantate Domino Canticum Novum (Sing A New Song to the Lord) SAB Medieval TP
Diemer, E.L. Three Madrigals (Select one) SATB 20th BH
Di Lasso Hosanna In Excelsis SAB Medieval BM
Distler, H. Maria Walks Amid the Thorn SAB 20th CPH
Donato, B All Ye Who Love Music SATB Medieval BM
Donovan, R. (arranger) Jacques, Come Here SATB Folk GMC
Ehret (arranger) Lullaby, Little One SSA Folk BH
Ellington, D./Huff It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing SAB 20th BM
Farrant, R. Call To Remembrance SATB Medieval BM
Farrant, R. Call To Remembrance SATB Medieval HWG
Farrant, R. Call To Remembrance SATB Medieval OX
Fleming, L.L. (arranger) Every Time I Think About Jesus SATB Folk AUG
Fleming, L.L. (arranger) Ride On, King Jesus SATB Folk AUG
Gallus, J. (Handl) Resonet in Laudibus (Sing With Your Glad Voices Lift) SATB – SATB Baroque CPH
Gasparini, Q. Adoramus Te (We Adore Thee) SATB Romantic BM
Gawthrop Two Motets SATB 20th BM
Gibbons, O. O Lord, Increase My Faith SATB Medieval ECSM
Goemanne, N. Sing to the Lord (Three Meditations) SATB 20th HF
Goetze A Zing-A Za 4 PTS Folk BH
Greenburg , N. (arranger) Riu, Riu, Chiu SATB Medieval AMP
Handel, G.F. Hallelujah, Amen (Judas Maccabeus) SATB Baroque BM
Handel, G.F. Hallelujah, Amen (Judas Maccabeus) SATB Baroque GS
Handel, G.F./Hines Let the Whole Earth Stand in Awe (Chandos Anthem) SAB Baroque CPH
Handel, G.F. Music, Spread Thy Voice Around SATB?   SPEV
Handel, G. Welcome Thou, Whom God Ordains SSA Medieval KJOS
Hassler, H. Dixit Maria (Gabriel Came To Mary) SATB Medieval BM
Hassler Leavitt, John ed. Kyrie SATB?   BEL
Hassler, H. Kyrie Eleison (Lord, Have Mercy)(Missa Secunda) SATB Medieval SP
Haydn, F.J. Gloria in Excelsis (Unto the Lord in Heav’n)(Heiligmesse) SATB Romantic EAM
Haydn, F.J. Kyrie (Missa Brevis Sancti Johannis De Deo) SATB Romantic BM
Haydn, F.J. Kyrie Eleison (Lord, Have Mercy) SACB Romantic HE
Haydn, F.J. Kyrie Eleison (Lord, Have Mercy) (Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis) SATB Romantic GS
Haydn, M. Sanctus (Holy Lord God of Sabaoth) SATB Romantic HL
Haydn, M. Sanctus (Holy the God of Sabaoth) SATB Romantic BM
Haydn, F./Kjelson Sanctus SATB Medieval BM
Hayes, Mark Go Down Moses SATB?   HIN
Hendrie, G. There is No Rose SATB 20th NOV
Holst, G. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence SATB 20th GMC
Holst, G. Lullay My Liking SATB 20th GS
Janequin, C. Ce Moys De May (This Month of May) SATB Medieval DEAN
Kauffmann Sing a Joyful Song of Christmas SSA 20th EV
Kodaly, Z. Greetings on St. John’s Day (original: Janos Koszonto) SAB(B) 20th BH
Kuhnau, J Praise We the Name of God (“Bach” Cantata 142) SATB Baroque MF
Lasso, O. Tibi Laus (Praise be Thine) SATB Medieval CPH
Lasso, O. Tutto Lo Di Mi Dici “Canta” (Day After Day They All Say “Sing”) SATB Medieval GS
Leavitt Kyrie SSA 20th BM
Leavitt Songs of Travel SATB 20th KJOS
Leavitt Ubi Caritas SAB 20th BM
Leontovich, M. Jan Waselu SATB 20th SP
Lotti, A. Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs (Original: Vere Languores) SAB Baroque ECSM
Mendelssohn, F. See What Love SATB Medieval BM
Mendelssohn, F. Da Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Thy Peace) SATB Romantic KJOS
Mendelssohn, F./Christiansen, O. The Lord is a Mighty God (Ninety-Fifth Psalm) SATB Romantic KJOS
Monteverdi, C. Angelus Ad Pastores Ait SATB Baroque SCH
Monteverdi Hear the Murmuring Waters SSATB Medieval BM
Moore Oh Mary, Don’t You Weep SATB Folk BM
Morales, C. Gloria Patri (Glory Be to the Father) SATB Medieval EV
Morley, T. Since My Tears and Lamenting SATB Medieval CF
Morley, T. Sing We and Chant It SSATB Medieval GS
Mozart, W./Hadley All Ye Nations Praise the SATB Medieval BM
Mozart, W. Dona Nobis Pacem (Amen, Grant Us Peace, Lord) (Mass in C, K337) SATB Romantic COR
Mozart, W./Rao Laudate Dominum SA Medieval BH
Mozart, W. Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy)(Missa Brevis in C, K259) SATB Romantic EBM
Mozart, W. Sanctus (Missa Brevis in G) SATB Romantic BM
Mozart, W. Welches Vergnugen (Pleasure Awaits Us) SATB Romantic BM
Mozart, W./Ross Gloria in Excelsis (Glorious Praise Be to Thee)(Twelfth Mass) SAB Romantic COR
Mulholland, J. Red, Red Rose SATB 20th EAM
Naplan, Allan E. Shiru SATB?   B&H
Nelson, R. Cause Us, O Lord (Three Ancient Prayers) SATB 20th BH
Nelson, R. He Came Here For Me SATB 20th BH
Palestrina, G. Adoramus Te, Christe SATB Medieval ECSM
Palestrina, G. O Bone Jesu SATB Medieval ECSM
Perry Sussex Carol SSA Folk SP
Petker After the Rain SA 20th HM
Pinkham, D. In the Beginning of Creation SSAATTBBB 20th ECS
Pitoni, G. Cantate Domino (added 2011) SATB Medieval LOR
Pitoni, G. Laudate Dominum SATB Medieval BM
Porter (arranger) Three Ravens, The SAB Folk ALF
Praetorius, M. Hosanna to the Son of David SSATB Medieval BH
Praetorius, M. Lobet Den Herren (Praise the Lord) SAB Medieval GS
Purcell, H. Rejoice in the Lord Alway SATB Baroque CPH
Purcell, H. Rejoice in the Lord Alway SATB Baroque ECSM
Quinter, R. Not Unto Us O Lord (Non Nobis, Domine) SATB 20th BH
Raminish My Heart’s Friend SS 20th BH
Ravel, C. A Blossom Falls SSA 20th BM
Rheim, R. When I Was One-and Twenty ( A Shropshire Lad) SAB 20th GS
Richardson, M. (arranger) Morning Trumpet SATB Folk MF
Rossi, S Barekhu (Bless the Lord) SAT Baroque TP
Rutter Angel’s Carol SA 20th HM
Rutter, J. (arranger) Black Sheep SATBB Folk OX
Rutter For the Beauty of the Earth SATB 20th HM
Schuetz, H. Lobt Gott Mit Schall (Praise God with Sound) (Becker Psalter) SATB Baroque BRO
Scott (arranger) Wild Mountain Thyme, The SATB Folk BM
Sowerby, L. (arranger) Snow Lay on the Ground, The SATB Folk HWG
Simms (arranger) Good News! SATB Folk ALF
Steffani, A Rejoice in the Lord SAB Baroque CPH
Stravinsky, I. Pater Noster SATB 20th BH
Stroope, Randall Inscription of Hope SATB?   HER
Tallis, T. If Ye Love Me SATB Medieval ECSM
Tallis, T. If Ye Love Me SATB Medieval GS
Tallis, T. If Ye Love Me SATB Medieval OX
Tallis, T. If Ye Love Me SATB Medieval MF
Tallis, T. O Lord, Give Thy Holy Spirit SATB Medieval CPH
Telemann, G.P. Ich Will Den Herrn Loben SAB Baroque BM
Telemann, G.P./Ehret Come, Bless Ye the Lord SAB Baroque HF
Thomas (arranger) Keep Your Lamp! SATB Folk HM
Thompson, R. Road Not Taken, The (Frostiana) SATB 20th ECSM
Thomson, V. (arranger) My Shepherd Will Supply My Need SATB Folk HWG
Vaughan Williams, R. Sweet Day SATB 20th GMC
Vaughan Williams, R. Willow Song SATB 20th GMC
Vaughan Williams, R./Shaw, R For All The Saints SATB(B) 20th GS
Vecchi Make Me a Fanciful Song SSAA Medieval BM
Vittoria, T. Ave Maria (Hail, Virgin Mary) SATB Medieval BROU
Vittoria, T. Ave Maria (Hail, Virgin Mary) SATB Medieval ECSM
Vivaldi, A. Domine Fili Unigenite (God’s Son, Christ Jesus)(Gloria) SATB Baroque BM
Vivaldi, A. Domine Fili Unigente (Only Begotten Son of God)(Gloria) SATB Baroque BM
Walton, W. All This Time SATB 20th OX
Younge, Paschal Yao Four Choruses from Ghana SATB?   CV
Zimmerman, H.W. Psalm 23 SATB 20th AUG
Zingarelli Go Not Far From Me, O God (Christus E Miserere) SATB 20th BM
Zingarelli, N. Go Not Far From Me, O God SATB 20th HWG
Zingarelli (Hullah) Go Not Far From Me, O God (Christus E Miserere)(added 2011) SATB 20th SCH