Mixed Chorus Level 2

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Choral Forces



Anonymous/Hirt Farewell, My Love (Ic Seg Adieu) SATB Medieval CF
Anonymous/Goodale Ju Me Leve Un Bel Maitin (In the Morning I Arose) SATB Medieval GS
Bach, J.S. Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light (Christmas Oratorio) SATB Baroque GS
Bach, J.S. Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee SATB Baroque BM
Bach, J.S. Only Son From Heaven, The SATB Baroque CPH
Bach, J.S./Collins Jesu, Priceless Treasure SSCB Baroque CAMB
Bach, J.S./Rao Domine Deus SA Baroque BH
Baynon, A. When Rooks Fly Homeward SATB 20th BH
Beale, W. Phyllis Thy Lovely Looks SATB Romantic BROU
Berlin, I./Wagner Alexander’s Ragtime Band SSA 20th COR
Besig, D. Flying Free (added 2012) SAB   SP
Billings, W. Chester SATB Romantic GS
Billings, W. Kittery SATB Romantic GS
Billings, W. Stockbridge SATB Romantic GS
Bliss, A. Sweet Day, So Cool SATB Romantic NOV
Brahms, J. At Night (Six Folk Songs) SATB Romantic EBM
Brahms, J. In Stiller Nacht (In Still of Night) SATB Romantic GS
Bright, H. Never Tell Thy Love SATB 20th GS
Britten, B. Old Abram Brown (Friday Afternoons, No. 12) SATB 20th BH
Carnahan Carol SSA 20th BH
Carnahan Toads Last Little Song SSA 20th BH
Carter, S (arranger)/Waxman Lord of the Dance SATB Folk GMC
Carter Will You Walk A Little Farther SA 20th BM
Casciolini, C Panis Angelicus SATB Baroque BM
Charpenter, M.A. Noel Benedictus (Sanctus) (Holy) SATB Baroque SP
Chatman Songs of a Prospector SAB 20th BH
Cherubini, L. Sanctus (Requiem in C Minor) SATB Romantic HL
Clements There is Sweet Music Here SSA 20th BM
Copland, A./Swift Younger Generation SAB 20th BH
Corteccia Gloria SAB Medieval BM
Dering, R. Dear Love, Be Not Unkind SATB Medieval FMC
Diemer, E.L. Praise Ye the Lord SATB 20th SP
Dowland, J. Say, Love, If Ever Thou Didst Find SATB Medieval DEAN
Ebel/Sabo Wind on the Hill UNISON 20th BH
Ehret, W. (arranger) Behold That Star 2 PT Folk ABI
Ehret (arranger) I Got A Robe SAB Folk BH
Eilers Bound for Jubilee SATB Folk BM
Elgar, E. Ave Verum (Jesu, Word of God Incarnate) SATB Romantic NOV
Ellen First Snowfall, The SSA 20th SP
Emerson, R. Down to the River to Pray (added 2012) SAB   HL
Farrant, R. Hide Not Thy Face From Us, O Lord SATB Medieval OX
Frackenpohl, A. Lovers Love the Spring SATB 20th EBM
Franck, C./Hopson O Lord Most Holy SA Medieval HOP
Franck, M./Pardue Da Pacem Domine SSACB Baroque CAMB
Gallus, J. Haec Est Dies (This is the Day) SATB – SATB Medieval CPH
Gauntlett, H.J./Coggin Alleluia! Song of Gladness SAB Romantic CF
Glarum, S. Clap Your Hands SAB 20th CF
Goetze, M. Da Pacem Domine SSAA Medieval BH
Goetze Glory to God SA 20th BH
Graham, R. In the Bamboo Wood SATB or SAB 20th TP
Gray, M. Sky Can Still Remember, The SAB 20th GS
Gumpeltzhaimer, A O Praise the Lord SAB Medieval GIA
Handel, G.F./Hopson Come, Jesus, Holy Son of God SA – TB Baroque HF
Handel, G.F./Hopson God of Love, We Look to Thee SAB Baroque JEN
Handel, G.F./Kihlken Give Thanks and Praise SA Baroque CE
Haus, K. Es Blinken Die Sterne (The Twinkling of Stars) SATB Romantic SCH
Haydn, F.J./Forsythe Sing to the Lord on High SAB Romantic COR
Henderson, R. Storm (Through the Eyes of Children) SUNG – SPOKEN 20th GVT
Horman (arranger) Plenty Good Room 3 PTS Folk SCM
Isaac, H. Innsbruch, I Now Must Leave Thee SATB Medieval CF
Jordanoff, C. Appalachian Suite I SSA Folk BH
Josquin Scaramella SATB Medieval MF
Julseth-Heineich (arranger) Who Can Sail SA Folk JEN
Kasha/Lojeski Candle on the Water SSA 20th HL
Kauffman, R. In Excelsis Deo, Gloria! SATB 20th COR
King, R. I Will Alway Give Thanks SAB Medieval CPH
Kirk, T. Sing a Song to the Lord SACB* 20th CAMB
Kjelson, L. (arranger) I’m Goin’ to Sing SATB Folk BM
Knowles Let the Nations Sing SSAA 20th SP
Lasso, O. O Bella Fusa (The Spinning Wheel) SATB Medieval GS
Lasso, O. O Occhi, Manza Mia (O Eyes of My Beloved) SATB Medieval ECSM
Leavitt Sweet and Low SA Folk BM
Leisring, V./Forsythe Ye Sons and Daughters of the King SATB Baroque COR
Leontovich, M./Wilhousky Carol of the Bells SATB Folk CF
Lutkin, P. Lord Bless You and Keep You, The SATB 20th TP
Marcello, B./Ehret Thou, O Lord, Art My Shepherd SAB Baroque EAM
Marcello, B./James I Will Forever Sing SAB Baroque DEAN
Mauret, J./ Kirk Praises, Let Us Sing SATB Baroque COR
McKelvy, J. (arranger) Gute Nacht (Good Night) SATB Folk MF
McLin, L. Friendship (Set of three) SATB 20th GWM
Mead, G. (arranger) When Johnny Comes Marching Home SAB Folk GMC
Mendelssohn, F. Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord (Elijah) SATB Romantic CF
Mendelssohn, F. Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord (Elijah) SATB Romantic GS
Mendelssohn, F. Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord (Elijah) SATB Romantic KJOS
Mendelssohn, F./Farrell Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord (Elijah) SACB* Romantic CAMB
Moore Ticket to the Kingdom SSA Folk BM
Mozart, W. Ave Verum Corpus (Hail, Hail, Thou Holy Body) SATB Romantic BROU
Mozart, W. Ave Verum Corpus (Jesu, Word of God Incarnate) SATB Romantic BM
Mozart, W. Ave Verum Corpus (Savior, Source of Every Blessing) SATB Romantic GS
Musser, S. Walk Dem Bones! (added 2012) 3Pt   ALF
Newbury, K. (arranger) Jacob’s Ladder SATB Folk SP
Pelz, W. Show Me Thy Ways SATB 20th AUG
Pelz, W. Who Shall Abide SAB 20th AUG
Page (arranger) Fantasy On Two English Carols SSA Folk BH
Pitoni, G. Cantate Domino (Sing Praises Joyfully) SATB Baroque GIA
Pitoni, G. Cantate Domino (Sing To The Lord Our God) SATB Baroque GS
Porter (arranger) Rodina SATB Folk BH
Porterfield Sing Me a Song of a Lad TTB Folk BM
Porterfield Tiger, The SAB 20th BM
Praetorius, M. Lobt Gott, Ihr Christen SATB Medieval GS
Praetorius, M. Psallite SATB Medieval GIA
Praetorius, M. Psallite (Sing We Clear) SATB Medieval MM
Praetorius, M. Psallite (Singt Und Klingt)(Ring and Sing) SATB Medieval EAM
Proulx, R. This World, My God, Is Held Within Your Hand SATB 20th GIA
Purcell, H. Music for Queen Mary II (Anthem: Thou Knowest, Lord) SATB KING Baroque B
Rao Siyahamba 3 PTS Folk BH
Richafort, J. Ecce Quam Bonum (See How Good, How Right) SATB Medieval GS
Rubbra, E. Virgin’s Cradle Hymn SATB 20th OX
Rutter, J. God Be In My Head SATB 20th OX
Saint-Saens, C Praise Ye The Lord (Christmas Oratorio) SATB or SAB Romantic GS
Saint-Saens, C. Praise Ye The Lord (Christmas Oratorio) SATB Romantic BH
Schickele, P. Who Is This Child? SAB 20th EV
Schubert, F. Heilig, Heilig, Heilig (Holy, Holy, Holy) SATB Romantic ECSM
Schubert, F./Rao May Song SA Medieval BH
Schubert, F./Rao To Music UNISON Medieval BH
Schubert, F./Harris Red, Red Rose SA Medieval JEN
Smith, G (arranger) Blow the Candles Out SATB Folk GS
Spevacek Turtle Dove, The SATB Folk JEN
Sprenkle Wynken, Blynken and Nod SA 20th BH
Strommen, C. (arranger) Homeward Bound TTB Folk BM
Strommen, C. (arranger) She’s Like the Swallow SATB Folk ALF
Suriano, F. Regina Caeli SATB Medieval AMP
Taylor May Day Carol SSA Folk BM
Vaughan Williams, R. Linden Lea UNISON 20th BH
Vaughan Williams, R. O Taste and See SATB 20th OX
Vecchi, O. Fa Una Canzona SATB Medieval AMP
Vivaldi, A. Gloria in Excelsis Deo SATB Baroque DEAN
Vivaldi, A. Laudamus Te SS Baroque BH
Vree, M. (arranger) Fum, Fum, Fum SATB Folk TP
Vree, M. (arranger) Shenandoah SAB Folk TP
Waxman, D. (arranger) Coventry Carol SATB Folk GMC
Weaver, J. Psalm 100 SATB 20th BH
Wilson, H & Ehret, W. (arranger) Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley SAB Folk BH
Work, J. (arranger) Go Tell It On the Mountain SAB Folk GMC
Ydstie, A. I Sing of a Maiden SAB 20th KJOS
Young, G. Give Thanks With Joy SATB 20th COR
Zaninelli, L. (arranger) Water is Wide, The SATB Folk SP
Zimmerman, H. W. Come, Let Us Praise SATB 20th CF