Male Chorus Level 1



Choral Forces



Artman (arranger) Christmas Comes Anew 2PT Folk HL
Bach/Artman Alleluia (Cantata No. 142) 2PT Baroque HL
Bach/Carlton Now Thank We All Our God 2PT Baroque TP
Bach/Ehret Blessing, Glory and Wisdom 2PT Baroque EV
Bart/Leyden Consider Yourself TB Folk TRO
Bedford We Come With Joyful Hearts 2PT 20th CORO
Benoy Restless Rambler, The (Two Rounds for Voices) 4PT 20th OX
Berk I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes 2PT 20th HWG
Berkowitz Me and Animals 2PT 20th EV
Billings/Gustafson When Jesus Wept 4PT Romantic GS
Boyce/Wagner Praise the Lord, Alleluia! 3PT Romantic CORO
Brahms/Land Prayer 2PT Romantic PLY
Britten (arranger) Sally Gardens, The UNISON Folk BH
Burt/Ades We’ll Dress the House TB Folk SP
Butler Break Forth Into Singing 2PT 20th CORO
Butler What Sweeter Music 2PT 20th CURT
Ehret (arranger) Infant Gentle and Sweet, An TB Folk TP
Eilers Gift, The TB 20th SCHM
Emig Alleluia! Praise the Lord! 2PT 20th HF
Follett (arranger) Library of Song for Male Voices, Book 1 (sing any one) TB Folk PRO
Follett (arranger) Library of Song for Male Voices, Book 2 (sing any one) TB or TBB Folk PRO
Foster/Krone Some Folks 2PT Romantic KJOS
Frackenpohl (arranger) When Love Is Kind 2PT Folk KM
Gardner (arranger) Down By the Riverside TB Folk STAF
Goodban/Hardwicke Now We Are Met 2PT Romantic PRO
Grieg/Platt-Lewis Boat Song TB Romantic PLY
Handel/Platt Verdant Meadows TB Baroque PLY
Handel/Wiley Brotherhood of Man, The 2PT Baroque PRO
Handel/Wiley Come, Holy Light, Guide Devine (Judas Maccabaeus) 2PT Baroque PRO
Hardwicke (arranger) When I Was Single 2PT Folk OD
Hatch This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made 2PT 20th CORO
Haydn/Forsythe Sing to the Lord on High 2PT Romantic CORO
Haydn/Hopson Sound the Trumpet! Praise Him! TB Romantic CORO
Hedges Two Canons 2PT 20th RP
Ives/Dashnaw They Are There! UNISON 20th PEER
Jothen Clap Your Hands TB 20th CORO
Jungst (arranger) While By My Sheep TB Folk PLY
Kirk (arranger) Glad Tidings Bringing 2PT Folk SKID
Kirk (arranger) Kling, Glockchen 2PT Folk PRO
Kirk (arranger) Little Wheel A-Turnin’ TB Folk PRO
Kirkpatrick/Field Away In A Manger 2PT Folk TP
Kjelson (arranger) I Walk The Unfrequented Road TB Folk BM
Kjelson (arranger) I’m Goin’ to Sing TB Folk BM
LaLande/Hines I Will Praise Thee, O Lord TB Baroque EV
Land (arranger) My Lord, What a Morning TB Folk PLY
Larson We Come With Songs With Gladness 2PT 20th PRO
Lewis (arranger) Charlottetown is Burning Down TB Folk PLY
Marcello/Weinhorst Oh, Hold Thou Me Up TB Baroque CPH
Mouret/Kirk Praises Let Us Sing TB Baroque CORO
Newbury (arranger) Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley TB Folk CORO
Pablo (arranger) On That Holy Midnight 2PT Folk FP
Pablo (arranger) Three Holy Kings, The 2PT Folk FP
Palestrina/Tolmage Three Palestrina Chorals (sing any two) TB Medieval STAF
Paulus Sing Hallelu! 2PT 20th EAM
Paulus Winter Song 2PT 20th CF
Peery (arranger) Beautiful Savior 2PT Folk TP
Pierce Come and Follow Me TB 20th PLY
Pierce Dance of the One-Legged Sailor TB 20th PLY
Pierce Song and Dance TB 20th PLY
Purcell/Kirk Shepherds, Tune Your Pipe 2PT Medieval PRO
Ramseth Wake Up To the World of Rhythm 2PT 20th CORO
Riley (arranger) Keep Your Hand On the Plow 2PT Folk KM
Schickele Captain Fate (Three Pirate Songs) TB 20th EV
Shearer Ecce Puer TB 20th SMC
Shearer Golden Summer TTBB 20th SMC
Shearer Hie Away, Hie Away TBB (TTB) 20th SMC
Shearer Sweet Afton TB 20th SMC
Shearer What Do We Plant, When We Plant? TB 20th SMC
Siltman Hark the Vesper Hymn Is Stealing TB 20th SMC
Siltman Live in Peace TTB 20th SMC
Smith Antiphonal Hosanna 2PT 20th HOPE
Smith Fear Not Good Shepherds (Bible Songs for Young Voices) 3PT 20th GS
Stone (arranger) Simple Gifts TB Folk BM
Strommen (arranger) Danny Boy 2PT Folk BH
Tallis/Pooler All Praise To Thee 4PT 20th AUG
Telemann/Edwards Come Hither, Shepherd 2PT Baroque DEAN
Thygerson (arranger) Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit 2PT Folk HER
Vance (arranger) Gypsy Rover, The 2PT Folk GS
Wagner If Ye Would Hear the Angels Sing TB 20th CORO
Wagner Sing, Sing to the Glory of the Lord 2PT 20th CORO
Wilson Fum, Fum, Fum 2PT Folk BOU
Wheeler (arranger) A-Roving (The Male Song Bag) TTB Folk DW
Wheeler (arranger) Peter Gray (The Male Song Bag) TTB Folk DW
Ydstie Whole World is Waiting for a Song, The 2PT 20th CORO
Zaninelli (arranger) Water Is Wide, The TB Folk SP