Music In Our Schools Month

March and the 2015 Music In Our Schools Month will be here before you know it! MIOSM is an opportunity for the music educators of Pennsylvania to display their performing ensembles in front of many of the folks in PA who make the decisions which directly affect our educational lives. Each weekday during March PMEA is allowed to schedule an ensemble in both the main Rotunda (vocal groups) and the East Wing (instrumental groups) to perform for one hour (from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.). 

MIOSM serves two main purposes: 1) to give your students an opportunity to perform beyond your school district and to also have the opportunity to see and tour our marvelous and historic State Capitol building; and 2) to advocate, through performance, for music education in Pennsylvania. It is quite common for the local legislators who represent that school district to attend the concert when they are invited. This is an excellent means of keeping music education front and center before those whose decisions will have a direct effect on music education in PA. 

PMEA will also hold its 4th Annual Music Education Advocacy Day during MIOSM on Wednesday, March 25. We would like to have a variety of ensembles perform throughout the day during this event. To sign your group up, please complete the form below and send it to MIOSM Chair Chuck Neidhardt at Questions can also be directed to Chuck Neidhardt. *Please note: A completed form must be sent to Chuck in order for your group to be scheduled.

2015 Music In Our Schools Month Calendar (as of 11.3.14)

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