Mentor Program

PMEA Mentoring Program

In 2005, twelve PMEA members met during the Summer Professional Development Conference to be trained as mentors. Since its inception, the program has assisted members, developed a webinar series, planned other professional development opportunities, and trained 57 additional members to serve as mentors.

PMEA currently has trained mentors available in every specialty area, instructional level, and demographic area. PMEA mentors are actively teaching in the area and level that they represent. These exemplary professionals are ready to answer any questions music teachers may have about lesson planning, classroom management strategies, assessment and data collection, communication, the SLO process, and to discuss problems both beginning and experienced music educators may be facing in their teaching situation.

If you would like more information about the program or would like to be networked with a mentor, please contact Teri Myers, PMEA Mentor Program Coordinator at [email protected].



Presented by Elizabeth Cassidy Parker, General Music Content Representative

TITLE: “I love music because I love my voice” — Building positive singing experiences in general music
In this session, participants will engage with developmentally appropriate song materials (both folk songs and contemporary styles), and strategies to encourage a resonant, tuneful singing voice. Topics such as healthy modeling and teacher vocal wellness will also be addressed.


 Attention Beginning Teachers and Those of You in New Assignments

You are not alone! PMEA is here to help you get a grip on your new responsibilities. Sign up now to be part of the PMEA Mentor Program. You will be paired with an experienced music educator in a similar setting who has been trained to hear you and help you. Contact PMEA Mentor Program Coordinator at [email protected] for more information or to be networked with a mentor.