PMEA All-State Information

PMEA 2017 All-State General Information

PMEA All-State At-Large Instruments

Audition Information

Piccolo, E Flat Soprano Clarinet, Double Bass and 2017 ONLY Bass Clarinet- Orchestra

The 1st chair player (Piccolo, Eb Soprano Clarinet, Double Bass) from each District’s Concert Band will have the opportunity to audition online (via Submittable) for the 2017 PMEA All-State Festival and be assigned to either the Concert Band or Wind Ensemble.  *This year only – a bass clarinet at-large position is available for the All-State Orchestra. All first chair bass clarinet players at the district level are eligible to apply for this position. *Please note that if the student has been selected for the Region Band Festival, they must attend in order to apply as an At Large instrument for All-State. *

***Audition opens Monday February 13th, 2017 and closes Friday February 24th, 2017***

***Announcement of Audition Results: PMEA 2017 Region Orchestra Festivals***

PMEA 2017 All-State Jazz/Vocal Jazz

Audition Results

Many thanks to all students who auditioned for the 2017 PMEA Jazz and Vocal Jazz All-State Ensembles and their music directors who prepared them for the audition.  Directors ONLY may request scoring information and judge comments by sending me an email. ([email protected]).  Please send the student name(s) and instrument(s)/vocal part(s) which they auditioned on and allow us a few days for follow up on the information requested.

Directors who have students participating in the 2017 All-State Jazz Ensembles must log in-, scroll to “Conferences and Events” and then click on “Fest and Festival Information”. The following forms must be filled out online BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10.

Additional paperwork including Medical Forms, Medical Administration Record Form (if needed), Principal Acknowledgement Form (specific to Jazz or Vocal Jazz) and Student Policy Acceptance Form will be included in the student music folder. Expect delivery of folders to Directors at the school address the week of February 20th.

2017 Jazz & Vocal Jazz Results


PMEA All-State Choral Accompanist Audition Information

The window of opportunity to apply has closed at this time.

Questions please contact Mary Lynne Peters – PMEA All-State Festival Coordinator [email protected]