Future Music Educators Honors Symposium

The 2016 PMEA Future Music Educators Honors Symposium is for Pennsylvania high school seniors who have been accepted at a college or university to major in music education (or have proof of application if acceptance has not yet been received.) The deadline to apply has passed at this time. Applicants can expect notification by March 14.


Future Music Educator Honors Symposium

Kris Laird, FMEHS Program Facilitator

Take a moment and reflect upon your high school and/or collegiate musical experiences, and consider how they have contributed to your love and passion for teaching music. Whether it was that championship performance in high school marching band, the passion-evoking rendition of Agnus Dei in Region Chorus, or that moment in orchestra rehearsal when every member of the violin section had the correct bowing and was able to execute that line with musical grace, our musical experiences play a role in our desire to want to share those moments with our students. 

Now, reflect on the experiences you had in high school or college that prepared you for teaching music and the career path in which you find yourself today. Were there any? If so, what did they look like? When were these experiences provided to you? While I have many fond memories of the teachers and role models that have help shape me, when it comes to my teaching experiences or first real introduction to the field of music education, my mind goes to my time student teaching. While student teaching is a crucial step in the growth of any teacher, it is my opinion that we need to provide our students planning to pursue a career in music education with earlier opportunities to grow and to network as music educators… Continue Reading…

For more information, please contact Abigail Young.