Community Happenings

To submit your community happenings announcement for consideration, please email details to [email protected] send information at least two weeks in advance of the event.

The 2017 International Women’s Brass Conference will take place at Rowan University June 710. This is a co-ed educational conference for all brass students. There will be concerts, clinics, competitions, and exhibits with top brass manufacturers. Please visit for more information.

The Susquehanna Chorale, the nationally-recognized chamber choir based in central Pennsylvania, will present its 35th anniversary program, “The Promise of Living,” on Friday and Saturday, May 5 and 6, under the direction of Founder and Artistic Director Linda L. Tedford. The program will be dedicated to the memory of the late Robert Page. Please see the following News Release for further information.


Drumming is a fun, engaging and natural activity for Testimonials people from cultures across the world and continues to be used to connect people, build community and facilitate healing. Western science is now showing exactly how rhythmic music impacts primal areas of the brain and can assist people with social and emotion learning. Rhythm2Recovery uses this understanding to extend the many benefits of music in support of people who are averse to traditional ‘talk based’ therapy. Simon Faulkner, a leader in the use of rhythmic interventions in therapeutic practice, presents this two-day workshop which delivers an accessible and flexible platform for professionals wishing to work with rhythmic music to engage young people and adults in social and emotional learning. It includes over 100 new exercises and rhythm games for both counselling and education settings and can be adapted for individual, family and larger group work.

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Given the social and political climate in America World Unity, Inc.’s campaign, “Singing Equality across America,” is needed now more than ever!  Two years ago we sponsored a national songwriting contest inviting singers songwriters across the country to write a song to help individuals become more self-aware and overcome their prejudices and biases. The winning song, “We All See the Stars,” by John Ciambriello was performed at the United Nations Sept. 26, 2015.  It was first performed in Massachusetts by 100 students from the Plymouth public schools and the South Shore Conservatory in a fundraising Concert for the African Children’s Choir.

We’re reaching out to the directors of Music and Fine Arts in school districts across the country to invites them to introduce our song to the teachers in all their schools. Imagine if all the students in your community, your state and the nation heard this song what could happen? 

 Video of song: This video is of 100 students performing the song in a concert at the Plymouth North HS April 2015. 

Register for a copy of the music sheet at:

Please consider:  While we are offering this free to everyone if you believe more children and communities across this nation needs to be exposed to this song we hope you’ll consider offering whatever donation you’d like to empower us to reach out to school districts, charters schools, colleges, universities, institutions and organization across the country.  No one right now is looking for a song to help us overcome our prejudices and biases  We’re offering this powerful song to help our nation and world value all people. Whatever donation you’d like to make is appreciated.  Thanks for your consideration.  You can just donate here.