WRO Audition Information

Western Region Orchestra students will use Submittable to audition for seating to determine selection to All-State Orchestra in name only as no live event will be held. The audition material is selected from the music in the student’s folder. Students not interested in a seating placement or the advancement to the All-State Orchestra may choose to not submit a re-audition. The student or the director can create the account in Submittable under which the application will be submitted.
*Please note that a confirmation email will be sent to the email address on the Submittable account under which the application is submitted.
**Percussion students will submit via the separate percussion specific audition form.


The window to submit has closed.

** Tips for recordings in Submittable:
    • The maximum video size is 4GB – the larger the video, the longer it will take to load
    • Small rooms with good acoustic qualities will create the best recording
    • A good microphone and a good piece of recording equipment (high end computer or digital recording device) are the two things that can most improve a recording
    • For help with Submittable – contact support@submittable.com