Region VI Orchestra All-State Auditions

The Region VI Orchestra auditions are now closed.  


Music Collection/Refunds:

We are continuing to work with Mike Lipton about developing a plan for the collection of music, the distribution of medals, and the distribution of PMEA Region Orchestra water bottles. Mike is also working on finding how much money we are going to be able to refund to each student. Please be patient as this may take a few weeks for us to get an idea of how much we can refund, and about another week to get refunds out. We will communicate any information as it becomes available.

Thank you all for your patience in this process. This is uncharted territory for everyone. Justin and I understand that most of you have more on your plate than usual because of this virus, and we appreciate your time and commitment to ensuring this is a successful process. We very well may be the model used by PMEA moving forward for the Region Band festivals and beyond.

Brian Cox, District 11 President
Justin McAdams, District 12 President