PMEA Teacher Training, Recruitment & Retention (TTRR) Council Update

The PMEA Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention (TTRR) met on April 20 during the PMEA Spring Conference in Erie. Several motions were approved:

Mission: “The mission of the PMEA Council for Teacher Training, Recruitment, and Retention will be to discuss strategies and implement programs which support the life cycle of a music educator.”

Purpose: “The overarching purpose of PMEA Council of TTRR is the planning of meaningful projects and services for the involvement of future music teachers (high school and collegiate), first-year music educators (and those in the first five years), veteran teachers, mentors, department chairs, cooperating teachers, TRI-M and PCMEA members and leaders, Higher Education teachers, SMTE members, and retired members.”
Sub-Committees (goals to be refined and action plans developed):
  • Training of pre-service college students in incorporating the National Core Arts Standards, PDE SAS Portal, and PMEA Model Curriculum into instruction and assessment of learning. (Ryan Beeken, Teri Myers, Stacy Paparone, and Darrin Thornton)   
  • Recruitment of quality and engaged candidates to college music education programs. (Nora Burridge, Jonathan Helmick, Kathleen Melago, and Susan Metelsky)
  • Retention and engagement of urban, rural, minority, disadvantaged, and more diverse music teachers and students in the profession. (Steve Benham, Jonathan Helmick, Benjamin Snyder, and Darrin Thornton)
Any member interested in serving on one of these subcommittees should contact Council for TTRR Chair Paul Fox at [email protected].