PMEA – Preparing for the Future

As the current school year comes to a not-so-usual close, PMEA is looking ahead to prepare for a potential not-so-usual start in the fall.
We’ve created a resource with tips to help you Prepare for the Future and we invite you to join us Thursday, May 21st at 7 p.m. for the webinar PMEA Cares – Charting a Path Forward. Updates will be shared about the advocacy work that is happening around the state and the country as we prepare for the return to school. Please visit the PMEA Webinars page for complete information.
PMEA is also collaborating with other state arts education focused groups to bring a united front to decision makers and has reached out to all Pennsylvania school superintendents. You’ll find all of the ways we’re taking action on the PMEA Preparing for the Future webpage.