PMEA All-State Update

Music Return
PMEA is still missing All-State Chorus, Jazz and Vocal Jazz Music Folders. Please return the MUSIC (you may keep the folders) to : PMEA 56 S.Third St. Hamburg, PA 19526. You will receive your 2020 PMEA All-State medal once we are in receipt of the music. School Districts will soon receive an invoice to replace the music if it is NOT returned. The replacement cost is $50.00. Non-payment could jeopardize future PMEA participation for you as well as your school district. Questions- contact PMEA All-State Festival Coordinator Mary Lynne Peters.
2021 All-State
As announced last month, the PMEA State Board has made the difficult decision to suspend all in-person student events for the 2020-21 school year, including the 2021 PMEA All-State Festival. The PMEA districts will now determine student eligibility to audition for the 2021 PMEA Virtual All-State Ensembles as the board approved the suspension of Region level festivals of any kind – in-person or virtual. The state will provide the audition material from the public domain and the region formulas will remain in place to determine the students selected for the 2021 All-State Ensembles (Band/Wind Ensemble, Chorus & Orchestra).
We will seek input from PMEA members and school administrators, once this school year is well-underway, regarding the format of the 2021 PMEA Virtual All-State Festival. Possible components include masterclasses with guest conductors, workshops with a composer, time to connect with other students, a virtual performance event and more. PMEA is also investigating the possibility of offering a state level student-focused conference open to students across the commonwealth, not just those selected for the virtual All-State event.