PMEA Advocacy Update – Monday, March 22, 2021


Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated guidance for schools recommending students can now maintain a safe distance of three feet in classrooms – down from the previous guidance of six feet. This new distance DOES NOT apply to music classrooms where aerosolization is present. NFHS provided a Brief Update after the new CDC guidance was released.
The new CDC guidance updates physical distancing as follows:
  • Between students in classrooms
  • In elementary schools, students should be at least 3 feet apart.
  • In middle schools and high schools, students should be at least 3 feet apart in areas of low, moderate or substantial community transmission. In areas of high community transmission, middle and high school students should be 6 feet apart if co-horting is not possible.
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance in the following settings:
  • Between adults (teachers and staff), and between adults and students, at all times in the school building. Several studies have found that transmission between staff is more common than transmission between students and staff, and among students, in schools.
  • When masks cannot be worn, such as when eating.
  • During activities when increased exhalation occurs, such as singing, shouting, band, or sports and exercise. Move these activities outdoors or to large, well-ventilated space, when possible.
  • In common areas such as school lobbies and auditoriums.
Guidance available on this PMEA Downloadable Poster are still recommended strategies for mitigation in music classrooms.

PMEA Policy Asks

Thank you to those of you who took action last week by sending emails to Governor Wolf and your representatives in the Pennsylvania House and Senate related to PMEA’s policy asks. If you did not have a chance to send those emails, we are still encouraging you to do to. 
Take Action on our website. It takes 60 seconds or less to make your voice heard. We encourage you to participate and pass that link on to anyone that values music education in Pennsylvania. We are encouraging anyone to participate – music parents, community members, etc.
For more information about PMEA’s 2021 policy work, you can review our 2021 Policy Playbook.

Music In Our Schools Month Continues

Thank you to everyone supporting this year’s Music In Our Schools Month! While we aren’t able to have groups perform in Harrisburg in person this year, some have provided performance videos, which are being premiered throughout March on PMEA’s YouTube Channel. There are two performances this week and two more next week. Click Here for the full schedule.