Greetings from the Student Performance Events Council

As fall moves to winter the high school director focus begins to lean more towards the upcoming Festival season. In an effort to streamline procedures across the state, the SPEC has been diligently working to consolidate policies and devise checklists that can be used during the audition process at Festivals.
The SPEC is asking for your help with input on the checklists that have been developed. We are asking for these checklists to be used across the state this year on a trial basis and then feedback sent to the SPEC. These checklists are not mandatory but the SPEC will value any and all feedback on them should they be used by your District/Region.
Another addition this year to help with festival clarity is the Common Questions page. We hope that this helps by having many answers all in one location. As the SPEC continues to strive to improve Performance Events, we look forward to any suggestions and input from PMEA members. If you would like for the SPEC to review or discuss an issue or suggestion at our summer meeting, please contact your District SPEC Fest and or SPEC Festival representative for more information on how to proceed.
Best wishes for a successful school year!
Lisa E. Hummel, PMEA SPEC Chair