An Important Message from PMEA

It is a time of great unrest within our nation. The senseless acts of violence and injustice along with the subsequent protests highlight the racism and inequities in our country, particularly directed at our Black and African-American Community. These events bring to light their marginalization and exacerbate the fear and frustration, our fellow educators, students, friends and family, and community members live with each day based solely on the color of their skin. We acknowledge the pain that our Black and African American Citizens are experiencing and hope our solidarity provides comfort at this time. PMEA endeavors to continue doing all we can to challenge the systems of inequity and bias that perpetuate racism in our schools and communities.
We must continue the vital work of teaching our children to be compassionate and caring and to celebrate both our similarities and differences. We are infinitely stronger together, than we are divided. The voices of compassion, empathy and love must speak louder than those of hate. As leaders, silence in the face of wrongdoing means complicity. As an association we are compelled to speak out against racial inequity, for music is a medium in which all voices are equal.
PMEA will continue conversations, analysis, professional development and planning for achieving equity, access, inclusion, and a respect for diversity in all our programs. Let music, as it so often has, help heal our divisions, bring us together, and lift up every voice.