2021 All-State Update

At this time, the deadline for students in the 2021 PMEA All-State Vocal Jazz, Jazz & Chorus to submit their recordings has passed.
Students in the 2021 PMEA All-State BandOrchestra and Wind Ensembles should now be making their recordings, which are due by the end of the day on Monday, May 24. Recording details can be found on the ensemble specific webpages, off of the All-State Information page. *When making their recordings, students MUST clap when indicated on the click track, however they do NOT need to say the word “yeah.”
*Please note that the files are large, so it does take time to upload them to the Google folder. If you are trying to upload the files from your phone, we recommend plugging the phone into a computer to upload and then process to the Google folder.
We have also discovered that several school districts’ firewalls will not permit students to share from their school accounts to the PMEA Google folder. If this is the case for you, please contact your school IT department to permit the sharing of files to the PMEA Google link, or upload the files when NOT connected to the school’s internet network.